temperature sensor / depth / for boats / through-hull



  • Measured value:

    temperature, depth

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Other characteristics:



Legendary, B260, 1 kW performance is now available for fast, sportfishing boats. No fairing required! Airmar has taken the proven B260 and split it apart into a pair of low-profile transducers. And the ceramic element in each unit has been tilted to offset the deadrise angle of your boat’s hull.

Called the SS264N these transducers are perfect for fast, center-console and tailored, sportfishing boats, or any vessel that cannot have a thru-hull with a High-Performance Fairing. The narrow-beam, broadband, 200 kHz transducer will give you excellent resolution and crisp image detail needed for bottom fishing. The low ringing of this transducer is perfect for finding fish holding tight to the bottom and other structure. The seven-element, 50 kHz transducer is the same found in the SS264W and is best for deep-water sounding down to 914 m (3,000’).

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