search and rescue boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
search and rescue boat

Length: 9.99 m
Passenger capacity: 12, 25 unit

FAST-1000 BATHYMETRY STUDIES Standard equipment PVC buoyancy tube PRFV hull grey medium color Reinforced rubbing strake fender Fuel tank compartment with integrated lid (except 750) Transom with anti back-flow Electric automatic ...

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utility boat / outboard / aluminum
utility boat

Length: 16'07"
Passenger capacity: 5 unit

For an ideal day on the water, look no further than this deep-v fishing boat. Featuring plenty of livewell room, rod storage and ample room to put your stuff, the 1650 Discovery will help you find that ultimate fishing ...

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work boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
work boat
X Series 33

Length: 10.06 m
Passenger capacity: 25 unit

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military boat / inboard / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
military boat

Length: 9.45 m
Passenger capacity: 17 unit

The 950 RAFALE® is one of the largest boat of the SILLINGER range. Its large deck area offers an exceptional modularity. Dedicated to professional and military heavy duty, it allows carrying 30 persons. ...

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tugboat / inboard

Length: 19 m
Passenger capacity: 4 unit

... 1A, EO DESCRIPTION Single-deck tractor tug with two azimuth thrusters located under the hull in fore part, destined to work in harbours. MAIN PARTICULARS Length over all 19,00 m Breadth moulded 9,00 m Depth ...

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passenger boat / inboard
passenger boat

Length: 14.5 m
Passenger capacity: 49 unit - 54 unit

• Type of craftSemi-planingmonohull • ClassificationNational Freeboard Certificate – BV NR600 • FlagFrance • CustomerUBA • Built byCONSTRUCTION NAVALE BORDEAUX • ArchitectCLYD • MaterialComposite • Length overall14.15 m • Length of hull14.00 ...

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pollution control boat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
pollution control boat
Delta Responder

Length: 7.5 m

The Delta Responder has been designed to be a very versatile commercial craft, for use in oil spill and general harbour duties. The craft has a fully welded aluminium structure with large internal deck area and a bow ...

patrol boat / inboard / aluminum
patrol boat

Length: 12.99 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

DIMENSIONS -Length Overall (LOA)12.99 m -Beam (B)3.99 m -Draught (T)0.95 m PERFORMANCE -Speed25 knots -Cruise Speed20knots -Range 160 nm -Displacement13 ton -Hull &SuperstructureAluminium Alloy 5083&6082 PROPULSION ...

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utility boat / outboard
utility boat
14 TL

Length: 14'10"
Passenger capacity: 4 unit

Max Horsepower 30 hp Beam 77 in Dry Weight 540 lbs Max Persons 4 Interior Depth 20.5" in Bottom Guage .080 Side Guage .060 Max Capacity 555 lbs Fuel Capacity Portable gal Length 14'9" Transom Height 20 in Deadrise at Transom 15 deg

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Stardeck by starcraft
rescue boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
rescue boat
15 R

Length: 4.5 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

The Command 15 R is a light Class C boat, with a medium V and of easily trailable size. Suitable for both river and maritime use, it can be launched effortlessly for rapid deployment. It is characterized by its pointed ...

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sightseeing boat / inboard / aluminum
sightseeing boat

Length: 19.7 m
Passenger capacity: 70 unit

This new ship is a waterways passenger shuttle boat built for the city of Calais, France. The trip will take about 35 minutes to cover the four kilometres and serve the four scheduled stopovers. This 20-metre inland ...

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Alumarine Shipyard
passenger boat / inboard
passenger boat

Length: 19.81 m
Passenger capacity: 76 unit

The Super Emerald is a passenger ferry, built for Mitsubishi Corp. in 1991.

utility boat / outboard / aluminum
utility boat

Length: 7.76 m
Passenger capacity: 5 unit

XO DFNDR is a boat that is of its own type and is equipped with attitude! It is a 25ft boat that is meant for tough and active use. It is a boat for the adventurous minds, for outdoor ...

landing craft / aluminum
landing craft
LC 6500

Length: 6.5 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

The LC 6500 is a robust landing craft made of high grade marine aluminum with a 1.1 m (43.3 in) wide bow ramp. The landing craft is designed and tested for excellent and effortless sea handling and maneuverability in ...

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sightseeing boat / inboard
sightseeing boat
RAE 32

Length: 9.95 m
Passenger capacity: 32 unit

... square meters and 2,800kg capacity. Charters and cruises are what this boat can easily handle. Included accessories allow you to work day or night, summer or winter. This boat can ...

utility boat / outboard / inflatable boat
utility boat

Length: 7.8 m
Passenger capacity: 18 unit - 24 unit

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utility boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
utility boat

Length: 5.06 m
Passenger capacity: 8 unit

A compact and sturdy open boat, customizable as required: Asso 50 is perfect for both work and fishing. Inexpensive, spacious and versatile!

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utility boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
utility boat
11.00 HB CABIN

Length: 11 m
Passenger capacity: 18 unit

Ufast offers a complete range of professional rigid-inflatable craft with command console or cabin, out-board or in-board diesel engines combined with stern-drives, surface propellers or hydrojets.

work boat / inboard / pontoon boat / aluminum
work boat

Length: 6.6 m

You are looking for an aluminum work boat with the possibility of customizing the platform? The Voyageur pontoon is for you. Simple and durable, it’s a purchase you won’t regret! GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Overall length ...

professional fishing boat / aquaculture boat / inboard
professional fishing boat

Length: 20.99 m

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Moen Marin AS
aquaculture boat / outboard / HDPE
aquaculture boat

Length: 8 m

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work boat / outboard / HDPE
work boat

Length: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 m

... given by outboard engine with power up to 150HP. ​ Each boat is certified according to the standards set by the European legislation (CE). We manufacture tree types of work boats: 5.5 ...

fishing trawler / outboard
fishing trawler

Length: 5.38 m
Passenger capacity: 5 unit

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Guy Marine
push tug / inboard / diesel / aluminum
push tug
Amesterdam Pusher

Length: 5 m
Passenger capacity: 8 unit

... zelflozend The joy of a complete maintenance free aluminum boat combined with a care free inboard fuel tank makes this Alufleet Amsterdam Pusher both the ultimate canal boat as a perfect professional ...

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Alufleet B.V.
work barge / pollution control boat / outboard
work barge

Length: 7.15 m

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