work boat / inboard / aluminum
work boat

Length: 8.6 m

Can just one boat solve most of the problem of a marina? If the boat is Yunus, the answer is YES! With Fast and high maneuverability aluminum hull, high powered engines and high capacity fire ...

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Uni Marin Engineering
patrol boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
patrol boat

Length: 8.15 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

The Ultimate in Military, Special Ops and Interdiction The Raptor is the latest in RHIB technology, born of Titan’s ¼ century of building exceptional watercraft. The Raptor series is designed for pursuit, boarding and ...

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work boat / outboard
work boat
Rhino 600 EHD

Length: 6.1 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

... for offshore bow‐catcher structures. The workboat has a customised forepeak structure for engaging in offshore bow-catcher boat landings. For operational safety, the forepeak bow-catcher is designed as a separate unit ...

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Rhino Marine Products (Pty) Ltd
utility boat / outboard / aluminum
utility boat
V1672 HD

Length: 4.98 m
Passenger capacity: 5 unit

For ultimate utility and top-notch value, look no further than the all new, deluxe V1672HD. Featuring all-welded construction backed by the renowned Lowe Lifetime Limited Warranty. You can count on the V1672HD HD to provide ...

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landing craft / inboard / aluminum
landing craft

Length: 7.6 m

Strong construction gives the 7.6M Landing Craft coastal cruising capability in all but extreme conditions. These boats are suitable for passenger transfer, cargo carriage and general tour cruise/fishing. Base price ...

work boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat / HDPE
work boat

Length: 7.5 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

... name. The new hull is developed in collaboration with Ola Lilloe Olsen, among other things known for his work on Palmer Johnson boats.

patrol boat / outboard
patrol boat

Length: 6.65 m
Passenger capacity: 8 unit

When conventional is not enough Bella 700 Patrol has proven its credibility in both official and professional use. The boat’s convenient manoeuvrability and enjoyable ride meet even the strictest requirements. ...

utility boat / landing craft / stern-drive
utility boat

Length: 11.5 m

A 40-foot utility boat in the service of a superyacht must above all be practical, always ready to load and deliver bulky, heavy stores and equipment. Yet it can become much, much more than that, which ...

sightseeing boat / outboard
sightseeing boat

Length: 7.15 m
Passenger capacity: 11 unit

This Smartliner boat is the perfect boat for transporting small parties.Ideal for the tourism industry, hotels, waterfront restaurants and more.Perfect as water taxi or as rental boat ...

search and rescue boat / outboard / RIB / aluminum
search and rescue boat
RIB 650

Length: 6.5 m
Passenger capacity: 1 unit - 10 unit

RIB 650 will do excellent work in SAR missions. It’s fast, stable and durable boat. Fuel tank can be customized in order to contain 3 times more than ordinary version. Self bailing deck ...

search and rescue boat / aluminum
search and rescue boat
RIB 530

Length: 5.3 m

RIB 530 will do excellent work in SAR missions. It’s fast, stable and durable boat with big fuel tank. Self bailing deck completed with anti-shock seats provides possibility to use RIB ...

patrol boat / inboard / aluminum
patrol boat
Okyalos Closed 10

Length: 15 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit - 12 unit

... possibility of sinking •A set of inflatable tubes surrounds its aluminum hull, which adds to its stability and seaworthiness, while being very helpful for touch n go or divers pickup operations •Inboard engines (professional, ...

professional fishing boat / dive support boat / work boat / HDPE
professional fishing boat

Length: 7.5, 5.5 m
Passenger capacity: 10, 18 unit

... properties of the material used, renders the craft fast and stable with a high load capacity, making it ideal as a workboat, fishing boat or diving platform, or for any other applications requiring high performance and ...

patrol boat / rescue boat
patrol boat
Westcoast 11.6

Length: 5.2 m
Passenger capacity: 5 unit

... Lifeguard Patrol Boat In the 1990s, designer Harold Aune was asked to help design and produce a rowboat specifically for use as a lifeguard patrol boat that is easily handled by one ...

landing craft / inboard waterjet
landing craft
TT Garcon

Length: 10 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

TT Garcon The Garcon 10 metre Landing Craft Tender comes from the drawing board of prolific Super Yacht Tender designers Patrick Banfield and Jim Wilshire at Allseas Design. Powered by twin Yanmar 315hp diesels through Hamilton waterjets, ...

fireboat / inboard

Length: 20.2 m
Passenger capacity: 5 unit


rescue boat / outboard / RIB / aluminum
rescue boat
16 SC

Length: 5 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

Our ZAR mini™ RIB line has different sizes and versions. All boats can be equipped with a bow locker (“L”) and a flat double flooring (“D”). All boats starting from RIB11 have a bow locker ...

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ZAR mini GmbH
aquaculture boat / inboard
aquaculture boat

Length: 14.9, 17.9, 19.9 m

The vessel is designed for service and maintenance operations within aquaculture, with focus on manoeuvrability, safe operations and comfort and safety for the crew on board. The vessel’s design with single hull and the possibility for ...

tugboat / Z-drive

Length: 80'00"

Bisso Offshore, LLC (2) 5,100 HP Robert Allan Z-Drive Tugs Dimensions: 80’-0”x 38’-0”x 13”-2” USCG Sub-M, EPA Tier 4 Hull #225: TBD Hull #226: TBD

aquaculture boat / mowing boat / diesel
aquaculture boat

Length: 5.02 m

Product description Mowing Boats are indispensable for the maintenance of ponds and lakes to remove underwater growth. With low specific consumption. The mowing boat is equipped with an air-cooled ...

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AGK Kronawitter GmbH
work boat / inboard / outboard / HDPE
work boat

Length: 5 m - 9 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

... compartments. So far no clients has been able to break or sink one of these small vessels which can be best described as the work boats answer to a Swiss Army knife.

landing craft / inboard
landing craft

Length: 10.5 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

A true multipurpose working platform tender, affectionately known as “the pick-up truck of the seas”, is the ultimate vessel for transporting goods. Its lightweight, folding and removable Femstrutture crane, with 3 fast lock deck sockets, ...

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Compass Tenders 
rescue boat / inboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
rescue boat

Length: 5.76 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

With safety regulations requiring a full SOLAS rescue boat aboard larger yachts, Pascoe is uniquely placed to provide fully compliant vessels that are equally suitable for pleasure, transport and sports purposes. Designed ...

patrol boat / outboard
patrol boat
YAMAHA Sea Pro 34 Patrol

Length: 10.18 m

... rails and stern canopy Ladder Radar arch Horn Windshield wipers Marine windows and doors Anchor rope and chain Fore cabin with marine toilet Remote controlled search light Marine compass Standard ...

rescue boat / outboard / inboard
rescue boat
GJ series

Length: 4.2 m - 8.5 m
Passenger capacity: 8, 6, 13, 16 unit

... Rescue boat include Normal speed type(>6knots/capacity 6 persons)and High speed type(>20knots/Max. capacity 16 persons) Rescue boat engine have outboard type(gasoline engine)and inboard engine type(diesel ...

passenger boat / outboard / electric
passenger boat

Length: 18 m
Passenger capacity: 130 unit

On 12.04.2014 the historic replica of a ceremonial plate, the ship Neuhaus was baptized. It runs on the Austrian-Bavarian border river at the Inn in the nature reserve. This was made possible by the innovative electric drive. Previous ...