water taxi / electric / aluminum
water taxi

Length: 11.78 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

... yachts', hotels, or for yachtsmen who just want the best-looking boat ever made. With its sleek lines, our Venetian Tender is a unique reinvention of the traditional Venetian taxi. The boat has full standing ...

work boat / professional fishing boat / inboard
work boat
1030 KS

Length: 10.66 m
Passenger capacity: 2 unit

... comfort; everything the modern fisherman has come to expect. We work closely with each and every customer, tailoring the boat to meet your individual requirements. A Viknes 1030 KS is a boat ...

pollution control boat / inboard / aluminum
pollution control boat
Nicolae Zeicu

Length: 24.7 m
Passenger capacity: 3 unit

This 24.5m waste collecting or oil recovery ship is named "Nicolae Zeicu" and is based in Constanta, Romania. It will be used in the port of Constanta to collect and recover water pollution of any kind. To this end, it has been equipped ...

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work boat / inboard / diesel
work boat

Length: 10.4 m

... personnel. To date, IHC Merwede has supplied more than 500 standard and custom-built work boats worldwide. The DMC range is available for immediate delivery and every work boat is tested ...

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Royal IHC
military boat / outboard / foldable inflatable boat
military boat

Length: 4.7 m
Passenger capacity: 9 unit

... Grand Raid™ boats form the backbone of many small boat fleets and are pretty much unique in its full equipment definition. They continue to answer the needs of users worldwide. Zodiac Milpro™ is proposing ...

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Zodiac Milpro International
rescue boat / outboard / aluminum
rescue boat
RSQ 450 A

Length: 4.9 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

... service in the most demanding environments15–40 Hp outboard enginesComplies with SOLAS regulationsPerfect alternative for inflatable MOB’s

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Palfinger Marine GmbH
aquaculture boat
aquaculture boat
AJ 150/96

Length: 13.3, 14.5 m

The perfect models for smaller facilities with four to six silos. blue-line-headers-4px Feeding capacity dimensioned based on customer needs Dimensioned to withstand up to 3m significant wave height (Hs) ​Comfort model's raised ...

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utility boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
utility boat

Length: 9.1 m
Passenger capacity: 22 unit

Bussola / Compass Console di guida / Steering console Gonfiatore elettrico / Electric inflating pump Luci di navigazione / Navigation lights Kit pulizia / Polishing kit Musone prua VTR / FRP bow roller Panca guida leaning post / Leaning ...

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oceanographic research boat / inboard
oceanographic research boat

Length: 23.6 m

... GLSC) large vessel fleet up-to-date. The R/V ARCTICUS is stationed at the USGS base in Cheboygan, MI and incorporates modern marine standards and state-of-the-art technology to safely and effectively conduct fisheries ...

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patrol boat / outboard
patrol boat

Length: 4.69 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

LOA 15' 5" / 4.69 m BEAM 6'6" / 2 m DRAFT 7" / 18 cm DEADRISE 16 ° BOAT WEIGHT* 1050 lbs / 476 kg WEIGHT CAPACITY 1400 lbs / 635 kg FUEL CAPACITY Portable Tank PERSON CAPACITY 6 MAX HORSEPOWER 60 hp / 45 kW MIN ...

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Brunswick Commercial and Government Products
patrol boat / outboard / medical / tow bar
patrol boat

Length: 8.75 m

Sporting a large rear deck area the 8.5m Cabin proves to be the most popular professional work boat by far. Unloading and loading or even mid-ocean boat to boat transfers ...

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Rayglass Boats
military boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat / aluminum
military boat
380 / 480 / 520

Length: 3.8, 4.8, 5.21 m
Passenger capacity: 10, 9, 6 unit

... with removable inflatable or wooden keel, with removable aluminium, wooden or inflatable bottom. Arimar inflatables are sturdy and lightweight, easy to stow and carry. They offer strong resistance to ...

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rescue boat / inboard / diesel / aluminum
rescue boat

Length: 10 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

... according to LSA code for rescue boats. The strength of the hull and superstructure is sufficient to withstand all normal forces encountered under normal use offshore at maximum boat speed. The hull ...

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Maritime Partner AS
ambulance boat / inboard / medical / aluminum
ambulance boat

Length: 8 m - 17 m

Mavideniz, Ambulance Boat designed for patient transfer, emergency response, outpatient treatment, transfer of medical supplies at sea, river, or lake. Ambulance Boat equips with medical equipment equal ...

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Mavi Deniz
patrol boat / diesel / inboard waterjet / outboard
patrol boat
Ten 1050

Length: 10.5 m
Passenger capacity: 15 unit

l.o.a.: 10,5 m b.o.a.: 3,30 m l.w.l.: 9,10 m Draught hull: .50 m Draught engines: - Deadrise aft: 23 degrees Tube diameter: 0.6 m Number of chambers: 7 Tube material: Hypalon/Neoprene (orca) 1670 DTEX Propulsion: Inboard diesel ...

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Essential Marine
sightseeing boat / inboard waterjet / diesel / electric
sightseeing boat

Length: 6 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

... and private jet, the aerodynamic shell is completely fabricated in dry carbon infusion, which keeps the total weight of the boat under 1500 kg/3300 lbs. the interior was designed to ensure continued luxurious convenience ...

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search and rescue boat / military boat / inboard waterjet / diesel
search and rescue boat
1050 QRV HT

Length: 10.5 m

... house version, the AMF 1050 RIB is powered by twin 370Hp inboard diesel engines and jet units. Available with removable side tube section for easy boarding. Excellent holeshot and sprint speed, the perfect chase ...

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AMF Boat Company
patrol boat / inboard / aluminum
patrol boat

Length: 18 m

Next Generation Multitask Patrol Boat (18 m) Name:RV90 Type:Multitask Patrol Boat Length:18 m Classification:TRAFI Design Category A - CE Certification Material:Aluminum, Ice-Strenghtened

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UKI Workboat
work barge / inboard
work barge
SEEM 12-370ST

Length: 12 m
Passenger capacity: 7 unit

Dimensions Overall length : 12.00 m Overall width: 5.00 m Crew : 7 Toa l power : 2 x 185 hp Speed : 8 Knots Deadweight : - Fuel oil : 6000 liters Classification : - Protection Fender Long lasting paint system Sacrificial ...

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See Merre
rescue boat / landing craft / outboard
rescue boat

Length: 32'00"

... possible shallow water landings. It is also a combination vessel that can be equipped with a pump for those agencies that need marine fire fighting capabilities, with or without foam. EMT’s and paramedics can be accommodated ...

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Stanley Aluminum Boats
search and rescue boat / inboard waterjet
search and rescue boat

Length: 12.6 m

The Hydrolift Professional platform introduces the unprecedented highly reusable and modular platform, focusing on safety, performance, reliability and usability with a significant cost reduction compared to one-off ...

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landing craft / outboard / aluminum
landing craft
ST 12 XL

Length: 11.95 m
Passenger capacity: 14 unit

Length11,95 m Total length12,50 m Beam 4,45 m Weight (without engine)8900 kg Fuel tank capacity2 x 270 l/3 x270 l Max. engine power3 x 350 hp Sheet metal6- 8/8 mm Person capacity14

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MS Boat
utility boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
utility boat
550 W

Length: 5.42 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

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patrol boat / outboard / aluminum
patrol boat
KFX 750

Length: 7.5 m
Passenger capacity: 20 unit

The KFX 750 is the big brother of the KFX work boat range. At 7.5 (L) x 2.5 (W) x 2.7 (H), it offers a dual motor mount, transom-mounted tow bar with bollard, wet deck, jump seat boxes which closely flank the raised ...

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Ocean Legacy Marine
professional fishing boat / inboard
professional fishing boat

Length: 10.5 m

The latest White Pointer is the most dedicated fishing design we have developed. It incorporates an easy access walk-around engine station with no obstacles on the floor to step over or trip on when engaged in a battle with a fighting ...

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White Pointer Boats Ltd