oil spill recovery boat / outboard
oil spill recovery boat
Bullnose 26

Length: 26'00"

Environmental/Oil Spill Response Boats for Commercial and Law-Enforcement applications. Boat pictured is a Bull Nose 26’ Landing Craft. This boat has just deployed ...

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Two Harbours Marine
professional fishing boat / inboard
professional fishing boat

Length: 12.72 m
Passenger capacity: 8 unit


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Estaleiros Navais de Peniche
patrol boat / inboard / diesel / rigid hull inflatable boat
patrol boat

Length: 11 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

... console a center path throughout the whole boat is created. The center engines makes this boat also very suitable for airdrop. From a small standard rhib which offered no protection ...

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Madera Ribs
military boat / inboard waterjet / rigid hull inflatable boat
military boat

Length: 9.1 m
Passenger capacity: 10 unit

... for securing it to the deck of a ship or hold of an aircraft. The lifting points coupled with a painter system means that the boat can be launched from a mother ship whilst underway.

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HolyHead Marine Services
rescue boat / inboard / aluminum / rigid hull inflatable boat
rescue boat
Piton 1100

Length: 11 m
Passenger capacity: 12 unit

... galley corner, an insulated toilet with a washstand and shower. Modifications: - fast rescue boat - work-boat - life-boat - expedition boat Buy an aluminum boat ...

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TRIDENT Aluminium Boats
sightseeing boat / inboard / aluminum
sightseeing boat

Length: 12.95 m
Passenger capacity: 46 unit

Length: 12.95 m Beam: 4.5 m Draft: 0.51 m Displacement full load: 12500 kg Engines: 2 * 115hp Fuel tank: 2 * 250 L Passengers: 46 P Max Speed: 12 knots

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aurora (dalian) yachts co ltd
patrol boat / inboard / aluminum
patrol boat
9.2M Ultra

Length: 9.2 m


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Lung Teh Shipbuilding
passenger boat / inboard / electro solar / trailerable
passenger boat

Length: 10.5 m
Passenger capacity: 24 unit

Perfect working tool for tourism operators, the Aquabus 1050T and its efficient electric propulsion allows a clean navigation and discovery of the environment without nuisance such as noise, CO2 emissions or vibrations. Its quality / ...

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Grove Boats
passenger boat / electric / aluminum
passenger boat

Length: 14.4 m
Passenger capacity: 50 unit

... The roof of the boat is equipped with 39 solar panels SUNPOWER (345 wp). Boat with outstanding performances due to its low draft and maneuverability to provide tourist services, both on the coast and ...

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patrol boat / inboard waterjet
patrol boat
Enforcer 50

Length: 16 m
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

A race bred interceptor / patrol boat featuring a deep V, monohull design specifically intended for roles where a longer duty cycles and / or enhanced operational capability are required. As with all Griffon-Cougar ...

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Griffon Hoverwork
passenger boat / inboard / diesel
passenger boat

Length: 14.95 m
Passenger capacity: 55 unit

... passenger vessel with big capacity. The boat can carry 55 passenger in SE-E, and is certified for 30 passengers in area SE-D. The passenger boat is designed for fast and effortless traffic in archipelagos. ...

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Kewatec AluBoat 
pilot boat / inboard / aluminum
pilot boat

Length: 14.95 m
Passenger capacity: 4 unit - 12 unit

15M / 12+1 PILOT BOAT STEEL OR ALUMINUM SPECIFICATIONS Hull : Steel or Aluminum Superstructure : Steel or Aluminum Length o.a. : 14.95 m Beam o.a. : 5.00 m Depth at sides : 2.00 m Draft : 0.90 m Total tank capacity : ...

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Arya Shipyard
crew boat / inboard / HDPE
crew boat
Loyd HDPE-C013

Length: 13 m

CLASSIFICATION : 13M CREW BOAT Length OA : 13.00 m Beam OA : 3.70 m Depth at sides: 2.00 m Draught Aft : 0.80 m Displacement : 8.00 tons Speed : 32 Knots Main Engines : 1x Cummins QSM 11 Total Power : 485kW (660hp) at 2300 rpm

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Loyd Shipyard
rescue boat / outboard
rescue boat
11 m

Length: 11.6 m
Passenger capacity: 4 unit

Based on the larger 12 m the 11 m is developed to be an affordable craft with small environmental footprint. The prototype boat for the class is funded by a lottery and is hence called the “Postkodlotteri class”. The ...

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Swede Ship Marine AB
utility boat / outboard / aluminum / jon boat
utility boat
Pier Inspection

Length: 15'00"

We have been building boats for over 20 years and although we have a very diverse mix of already designed product in the 17 ft to 35 ft size range we often receive request from customers for a boat that ...

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Workskiff Inc
excursion boat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
excursion boat
Niagara Falls

Length: 68'00"
Passenger capacity: 145 unit

... Hornblower’s two other Niagara tour boats, if needed. A rescue platform was also integrated on the starboard side for man-overboard recovery. The rescue vessel is powered by pair of 700-hp Scania DI13 engines with ZF ...

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All American Marine
crew boat / inboard / aluminum
crew boat
DAMEN 1605

Length: 16.15 m
Passenger capacity: 29 unit

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Blount Boats, inc.
sightseeing boat / inboard / aluminum
sightseeing boat
Big Mike

Length: 32'00"
Passenger capacity: 14 unit

The “Big Mike” is the latest in whale watching boats for Juneau, Alaska. The Honda 250 outboards offer a very quiet ride while still providing the speed required to quickly get the wildlife viewing areas.

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Bentz Boats
pilot boat / aluminum
pilot boat

Length: 62'00"

Vigor pilot boats operate around the world to ensure the safety of various ports, waterways and the communities that surround them. Vigor is the U.S. licensee for Camarc Design Ltd., UK pilot boats. ...

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Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc.
pilot boat / inboard / self-righting
pilot boat
ORC 156

Length: 16.09 m
Passenger capacity: 9 unit

All-weather pilotage launch, unsinkable and self-righting . All-weather pilotage launches . Unsinkable . Self-righting . Station: Saint-Nazaire (France) . Name: Lambarde Specifications . Overall length: 16,09 m . Hull length: 15,51 m . ...

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Bernard Shipyard
patrol boat / inboard / aluminum
patrol boat

Length: 20 m

Littoral & Coastal Waters Law-Enforcement Duties, Open Sea Rescue Operations and Naval Duties, -Coast Guard Duties, Offshore Patrol & Escort, -Interception & Interdiction Operations, -SAR, Anti-smuggling, -Surveillance and Covert Surveillance, -SOF ...

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ARES Shipyard
crew boat / inboard waterjet / aluminum
crew boat
Esus 140

Length: 14 m
Passenger capacity: 20 unit

New Range of Crew Boat ESUS 140 is a come back to the sources of the small fast crew boat. It is the input range model of our crew boats, and it has been designed to minimize cost, as ...

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Chantiers Allais
fireboat / inboard waterjet / aluminum

Length: 45'00"
Passenger capacity: 6 unit

The Metal Shark 45 Defiant Fire Rescue is a state of the art welded aluminum monohull vessel designed for fire fighting, command and control operations, and other emergency response missions. Utilizing Metal Shark’s Defiant-class hull ...

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Metal Shark Aluminum Boats
work boat / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
work boat
X Series 33

Length: 10.06 m
Passenger capacity: 25 unit

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military boat / inboard / outboard / rigid hull inflatable boat
military boat

Length: 9.45 m
Passenger capacity: 17 unit

The 950 RAFALE® is one of the largest boat of the SILLINGER range. Its large deck area offers an exceptional modularity. Dedicated to professional and military heavy duty, it allows carrying 30 persons. ...

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