rigid mechanical coupling / for boats / for shafts
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    for boats

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    for shafts


Torque transmission from the flywheel of the diesel engine to the inlet shaft of the gearbox is achieved through insertion of the elastic torsional coupling between the engine and the gearbox.
The coupling’s purpose is to reduce (dampen) torsional vibrations of diesel engines and to reduce torque oscillations. Couplings can also compensate for the geometrical incorrectness of the engine and gearbox joining elements.
The coupling consists of the body – plate (which is fixed onto flywheel) and internally splined rotor in which gear shaft is inserted. Torque is transmitted from the body to the rotor through few inserted compression springs / rubber elements which allow a certain torsional angle between body and rotor.
Couplings with springs are used for diesel engines of lower power.
Areas of application:
Main propulsion drives:
- between diesel engine of lower power and rigidly mounted mechanical gearbox
Auxiliary drives of lower power with high idling.