sailboat propeller / auto-feathering / controllable pitch / adjustable pitch
Hi-Speed Orion



  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Technology:

    auto-feathering, controllable pitch, adjustable pitch

  • Propulsion:

    shaft drive, saildrive

  • Number of blades:


  • Other characteristics:

    custom, stainless steel


In brief:
The EWOL Hi-Speed ​​propeller for sailboat is available with Sail Drive transmission or shaft line, 3 blades. It is built in stainless steel with high mechanical and corrosion resistance. It has micrometric pitch adjustment that ensures high cruising speed and low consumption
EWOL greatly improves the maneuverability of the boat in port when wind conditions and maneuvering space are difficult

More in details:
E3 ORION is a cutting-edge flag propeller made by EWOL totally in high resistance stainless steels: its heart is made up of gears that allow the blades to orient themselves according to the fluid threads of the water while sailing and arrange with the correct angle of incidence during motor navigation, thus improving the performance of the boat both sailing and motorized.

The orientation of the blades is completely automatic and the micrometric step setting is performed from the outside by means of the adjustment ring. This allows to optimize the thrust during the motorized gear, thus allowing high cruising speeds at a low number of revolutions, with consequent reductions in fuel consumption.

E3 ORION brilliantly solves the problem of the lack of maneuverability of the boats in reverse, especially in difficult environmental conditions such as strong winds, limited spaces, rough seas, etc.

The E3 ORION propeller, available for both the shaft line and the anti-shock device for Sail-Drive called FlexDrive, has been designed to be installed, removed and adjusted with ease in just a few minutes and also with the boat in water.