EWOL Sailboat Propellers

Who we are

Founded in 1997, EWOL has immediately distinguished itself for hi-tech materials and for the design, hydrodynamics and structural verification technologies used in the construction of its products.

Today EWOL products are known as technology, performance and resistance leaders both on the Italian market and abroad.

The EWOL team has considerable international experience in the direction of projects aimed at developing innovative products with a high technological content and a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in the context of the production of naval accessories.

EWOL regularly presents new versions with increasingly high performance of its products and is now also working on the development of additional innovative products that will see the light in the short and medium term.

Today, anyone looking for a truly reliable and performing product over the years, which is a solution to problems of maneuverability and sailing speed of their boat, which is always up to date with the latest technology and materials, installs an EWOL propeller on its boat.


Our values

Ewol is constantly working on the evolution of its products in order to make them more and more performing but in doing so we always give our customers the opportunity to grow their propeller over time and thus be able to benefit from better performances guaranteed by the new versions. Because of that, all Ewol propellers have interchangeable and modular components: this means that every Ewol propeller can be upgraded to future versions.

Our presence around the world