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Genoa / for one-design sport keelboats / J24 / tri-radial cut
Ullman Sails


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for one-design sport keelboats

  • Keelboat class:


  • Fabrication:

    tri-radial cut


Tri-Radial Aramid Genoa
This sail, a middle ground between our Class AP Jib and FiberPath Genoa, offers lightweight performance and durability. Built using an Aramid laminate, our Tri-Radial Aramid Genoa is lighter than our Dacron jib, but maintain’s durability due to using a strong fiber. This weight and performance then translates to boat-speed aboard your boat.

FiberPath Genoa
Our newest J/24 sail design is our fastest yet. Its FiberPath construction offers superior load-handling and is built to be as light as possible. This sail is able to hold its original performance shape longer than any other sail we offer – built using 100% Twaron fibers this sail is the ideal for sailors performing on the Grand Prix level in the class.


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