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jib / for one-design sport keelboats

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jib jib - J/105


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    for one-design sport keelboats


Fibrepath AP2LT DESIGN
This sail is fastest in light to medium conditions. The design has is slightly fuller than our successful AP design resulting in power and point in the lower wind ranges. This design also is good for inhauling for tighter upwind angles in the light to medium wind conditions.

Fibrepath AP DESIGN
This design was tuned up in 2015 for carbon stringing and is the best sail for the full range of conditions – fastest for drifting to overpowered conditions. The shape allows for an easy groove to steer to and has speed and pointing ability on demand. The custom RBS tapered vertical battens on this sail keep the leech straighter longer.

Fibrepath HVY DESIGN
This sail is fastest in medium to extreme conditions. The design has a narrower entry angle and flatter overall shape. As a result, it will depower and change gears much easier when the breeze comes up. It also responds efficiently when the boat becomes overpowered, maintaining pointing ability and speed. This sail has proven very fast in smooth water in lower wind ranges.

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