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mainsail mainsail


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for one-design sport keelboats

  • Keelboat class:

    Melges 24

  • Fabrication:

    cross-cut, Dacron®

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical batten


Melges 24
Ullman Sails dominates at the major Melges 24 regattas, reflecting our commitment to being the world leader in one design and performance sailing.

The key to Melges 24 sailing is not memorizing this racing guide, but understanding how the settings affect the boat and how it feels. The goal is to be able to feel that something is wrong and quickly fix the problem to keep your boat moving fast.

We have found the measurements and settings in this guide to be the fastest for the Melges 24. Since crew and sailing conditions vary, you may find slightly different settings are better for you. Go fast and have fun!

Ullman Sails Melges 24 Inventory

– Mainsails (3 options)
– Jibs (3 options)
– AP+ & Blast Reacher Spinnaker


Dacron Club ‘Shark’ Mainsail
This classic, time tested sail is easy to trip and is long lasting. It has won multiple Worlds Championships. This Ullman mainsail features a radial clew section of 5.46oz Contender Dacron to handle loads, and the remainder of the sail is crosscut of 4.52 oz Contender Dacron for maximum adjust ability across the wind range.

Aramid FiberPath Race Mainsail
This high tech tested string sail is fast, smooth, and lighter. Experience a speed boost on the water.

Cuben Fiber Grand Prix Mainsail
Minimum weight, classic cut, high performance mainsail. Dave Ullman chose this mainsail himself to win the 2007 World Championships in Santa Cruz, CA.

Standard Features
Battens, Roll Bags, Class Royalty, Logo, Sail Numbers, Multiple Windows, Draft Stripes

Optional Features

Carbon Mainsail Battens
Exchange Epoxy for Carbon battens

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