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  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for one-design sport keelboats

  • Keelboat class:


  • Fabrication:

    tri-radial cut, Dacron®


Dacron Tri-Radial J1-AP Race Jib –
Our newest jib design, the J1-AP sail is designed for sailing in all conditions with the ability to easily go up the wind range. The result of sail testing all over the United States we are excited about the new gear that this sail design offers.

Dacron Tri-Radial NB-AP Race Jib –
This sail is designed especially for sailing in lighter conditions. A fuller sail, competitors can expect exceptional power. This is the sail used by the 2015 J/70 Corinthian World Champions.

All Ullman Sails Jibs come standard with:

Premium Firm Finish Square Race Dacron
Radial Panel Design
J/70 Class Royalty
ISAF Stamp
Ullman Sails QR Tag
Tri-radial Panel Layout
Zipper Luff
3 Vertical RBS Battens
Draft Stripes
Clew Blocks on Soft Clew
Tell Tale Window and Tell Tales
Nylon Leech Tell Tales
Tack Velcro Go Fast Flap
Roll Sail Bag

Ask your local loft representative about cloth options!

Why Tri-Radial?
Performance through the Wind Range
Our tri-radial race jib is cut to take advantage of the low stretch of the Square Dacron cloth bias in an all-purpose head sail. The result is a jib that doesn’t stretch, keeping the sail flat as the wind speed increases.

The combination of a radial panels and Square Dacron is essential give the sail the durability needed for a Dacron furling head sail.

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