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3 products Latitude 46
Cornish Crabbers LLP 17
sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) 17 - 5,18m    17' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 17 is an excellent entry level boat for sailing newcomers and a fantastic day boat for enthusiasts. With her easily handled high peaked gaff rig, she bears all the characteristics...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 12
sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) ADVENTURE 12 - 3,75m    12' 4" Cornish Crabbers LLP

Designed to carry a young adventurous family in safety, the Adventure 12 is a great platform for entry level sailors and experienced crews alike. Whether you are looking to cruise up the river or venture...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 17
sailboat : classic day-sailer (lifting keel, trailerable) ADVENTURE 17 - 5,95m    19' 6" Cornish Crabbers LLP

If the Adventure 12 dinghy is a little too adventurous for your family then the open cockpit of the RCD Cat C Adventure 17 is bound to appeal more to your requirements. The cockpit is split into a forward...

video Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 19
sailboat : classic day-sailer (lifting keel, trailerable) ADVENTURE 19 - 6,47m    21' 3" Cornish Crabbers LLP

Cornish Crabbers are world famous for producing high quality trailer-sailers that don’t compromise construction or stability for trailability. The adventure 19 can be as simple or as sophisticated...

2 products Rustler Yachts
video Rustler Yachts 24
sailboat : classic day-sailer 24 - 7,31m    24' 0" Rustler Yachts

Inspired by some of the Classic designs from the last century, the Rustler 24 offers the day boat sector a new dimension by combining traditional long keel sea-keeping and handling qualities, with the...

video Rustler Yachts 33
sailboat : classic day-sailer 33 - 10,36m    34' 0" Rustler Yachts

The new Rustler 33 is beautiful. Designed to be really easy to live with, simple to sail, and offer cosy accommodation for a weekend away; she is the perfect antidote to yachts whose designers have forgotten...

3 products Grand Largue
7 products Plasmor
Bluenose Yacht Sales S&S 30
sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) S&S 30 - 9,20m    30' 2" Bluenose Yacht Sales

The S&S 30 Classic Daysailor trimmed with teak decks, teak cockpit coaming, teak cockpit seats and a cabin house clad in teak is pure eye candy to the discriminating yachtsman who has to have only...

6 products ACCF
Andaman Boatyard ACORN 10'
classic sailing and rowing open boat ACORN 10' - 3,05m    10' 0" Andaman Boatyard

This lightweight dinghy from British designer lan Oughtred is built in a modern way using a fiberglass...

Andaman Boatyard 16
sailboat : classic open boat 16 - 4,88m    16' 0" Andaman Boatyard

Built with modern materials and contemporary solution...

Andaman Boatyard 16'
sailboat : classic day-sailer 16' - 4,80m    15' 9" Andaman Boatyard

Built with modern materials and contemporary solution on deck and equipments but still keeping a classic look...

1 products CNTI
5 products Devlin
classic sailing and rowing open boat SANDPIPER - 2,49m    8' 2" Devlin

This 8’ rowing and sailing dingy was designed as a day sailer and yacht tender. The ease of handling, large carrying capacity, and its versatility for rowing and sailing are accentuated by the fact that...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NANCY'S CHINA - 4,65m    15' 3" Devlin

Back in 1980, we decided to design a small trailerable boat sailboat with a large cockpit for day sailing and a cozy cabin for two, complete with sails and trailer...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (cutter) NANCY'S CHINA DC - 4,62m    15' 2" Devlin

In this new version of our old favorite, Nancy’s China goes topless, and if you take a closer look at the rudder you will see her auxiliary power plant. We have added an electric motor. The motor is...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat) WOMPUS - 5,74m    18' 10" Devlin

Wompus Cat is a very tidy and cruisable conventional "Cape Cod type" catboat, with single large mast forward and a single mainsail. She only needs the tiller put down and maybe a hand for adjusting the...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) WINTER WREN II - 5,69m    18' 8" Devlin

This boat is designed to be the ultimate in a pocket yacht with a tidy 176 sq. ft. sail plan. The Bermuda rigs mast steps on the cabin top and is easy to raise and lower. Winter Wren II has been designed...

sailboat : classic day-sailer DRAGON - HERRITAGE RACER - 8,80m    28' 10" Doomernik Dragons

The beautiful teak deck with mahogany cockpit is Doomernik Dragons’ calling card. The cockpit is built using a double-wall principle that gives the boat a very modern appearance. The form differentiates...

sailboat : classic day-sailer DRAGON - VINTAGE DAY-SAILOR - 8,80m    28' 10" Doomernik Dragons

Whether you are in later life and want to spend your days on inland...

11 products Icarai
Icarai MORBIC 12
sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat) MORBIC 12 - 3,67m    12' 0" Icarai

Morbic 12 recalls the small sisters Morbic 8 and 10 with a nice clinkered hull and flat...

Icarai ABER
classic sailing and rowing open boat ABER - 4,30m    14' 1" Icarai

T The "Aber" 14’1" (4m30) is "the" multi-purpose sail and oar boat by excellence. Her moderate weight makes her easy to handle...

Icarai ILUR
classic sailing and rowing open boat ILUR - 4,46m    14' 8" Icarai

The ILUR 14’8" (4m46) is a listed product among the sail and oar boats with almost a 1000 building-plans sold ! Inspite her being load-bearing and...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter) BEG-MEIL - 4,46m    14' 8" Icarai

The "Beg-Meil" 14’8" (4m46) is an elegant small half-decked pleasure sloop. She is plywood clinker...

Icarai ELORN
classic sailing and rowing open boat ELORN - 4,84m    15' 11" Icarai

Like American peapods Elorn can sail in both directions when rowing. It allows her to keep perfectly right whatever the crew...

Icarai EBIHEN 15
sailboat : classic open boat EBIHEN 15 - 4,50m    14' 9" Icarai

When the well known Ebihen 15 gets 3 feets longer, she becomes Ebihen 18... A...

5 products ARWEN MARINE
3 products Menger
Menger CAT 15
sailboat : classic day-sailer (cat boat) CAT 15 - 4,59m    15' 1" Menger

The Thom Cat Daysailer is designed in the tradition of the racing cats...

video Menger CAT 19
sailboat : classic day-sailer (cat boat) CAT 19 - 5,79m    19' 0" Menger

There are some very definite measurements and features that define the true catboat. But even within this...

video Menger CAT 23
sailboat : classic day-sailer (cat boat) CAT 23 - 7m    23' 0" Menger

The Menger Cat 23 is a variation of a 1935 Sweisguth catboat design. The under water...

3 products NorseBoat
NorseBoat 12.5
classic jolly-boat (sailing and rowing) 12.5 - 3,81m    12' 6" NorseBoat

The NorseBoat 12.5 Cruiser/Tender is a sailing and rowing boat that blends innovative NorseBoat concepts with a proven, traditional hull shape known for speed and shallow draft. This high performance,...

NorseBoat 17.5
classic jolly-boat (sailing and rowing) 17.5 - 5,33m    17' 6" NorseBoat

The NorseBoat 17.5 Cruiser is an innovative trailer sailer with a legendary pedigree. This sailing and rowing boat is perfect for cruising sailors who want to downsize, sea kayakers who...

NorseBoat 21.5
sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) 21.5 - 6,60m    21' 8" NorseBoat

The new NorseBoat 21.5 Cabin and Open models have classic downeast lines, distinctly NorseBoat “Swiss army knife” features and truly exhilarating performance. The standard sailplan...

1 products Little River
Little River HERITAGE
classic sailing and rowing open boat HERITAGE - 4,93m    16' 2" Little River

NEW! ALL 3 HERITAGE CLASSICS COME AS AMAZING SAILBOATS. The sailboat package provides you with everything that you will need to convert your Heritage from the traditional rowing dory to a sailboat. You...

8 products CN Franck Roy
4 products Diva Royal
sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NEW FUNCTION - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

To celebrate the 60 years’ anniversary of the Nordic Folkboat in 2002, Brandt-Møller’s Boatyard developed a brand new deck layout for our version of the fibre glass Nordic Folkboat -...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) NEW CLASSIC - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

20 years ago Brandt-Møller’s Boatyard started to build the ’New Classic’ Nordic Folkboat - a Folkboat with the combination of a GRP hull and mahogany accommodation. The ‘New...

sailboat : classic day-sailer (wooden) CLASSIC WOODEN - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

‘Classic wooden’ Nordic Folkboat is the most beautiful and classic version of the Nordic Folkboat. The clean wooden boat - built in larch, douglas or mahogany - all on oak - and...

Diva Royal BM FAMILY
sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) BM FAMILY - 7,64m    25' 1" Diva Royal

The BM Family is a tour version of the Nordic Folkboat - with more space inside, inboard diesel engine and mast and boom of aluminium - a classic and beautiful tour version of the Nordic Folkboat - with...

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