monohull / fast cruising / daysailer / open transom
Se 37 Lounge



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    fast cruising, daysailer

  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Materials:

    carbon, fiberglass

  • Below-deck configuration:

    1-cabin, 4-berth

  • Rigging:

    with bowsprit, carbon mast

  • Other characteristics:

    twin steering wheels, sail-drive, self-righting, for family use

  • Length:

    11 m (36'01")


The Saffier SE 37 Lounge. A yacht that does not meet a standard, but a yacht that sets a standard: the standard of the Saffier SE 37 Lounge. A unique concept without compromise. Why choose when you don’t have to.

Meet the new standard
A boat that combines great sailing potential with ease of handling. A boat you will be able to control on your own – always and in all circumstances. A boat that combines all the luxury of a true sailing yacht with the feeling of sailing a dinghy. A boat without borders: it has a cabin, but there is no real ‘inside’. A boat that is not only fantastic to sail, but that is also a fantastic place to be at anchor or in the marina.

Everything under control
The unique position of the helmsman at the front of the cockpit is one of the key-features in the Saffier Lounge concept. At the back of the cabin the helmsman has a cockpit of his own. Here he is able to oversee the complete boat and has access to all the lines to trim and control the sails. Sailing the Saffier SE 37 Lounge is childs' play, but it has nothing to do with the potential of this boat. Upwind the boat will get to hull speed in the blink of an eye. Downwind the bowsprit makes it possible to sail a huge Code 0 or gennaker of over 100 m². With those sails the Saffier SE 37 Lounge will reach speeds far above its hull speed – a sensational experience!