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Rolls-Royce is one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty winches for escort, harbour and coastal tugs, thanks to customers...


Tugger Winches

Apart from the standard E, CSH and CEH winches TTS...


Proven for robustness, resilience and reliability over many tens of thousands of ocean miles, the RW1 is built to last from hard-anodised aluminium. The robust drum house, hydraulic drive and oilbath...

The latest generation of Rondal reel winches has been optimised.

For lightness, with up to 25% weight saving.
For performance, with line speeds of over 140 m/min.
For security and safety, with the...


The range of ROTZLER TITAN planetary winches is ideal for lifting and lowering loads at controlled speeds. TITAN hoisting winches are particularly suitable for use with loading cranes, construction machinery and drilling equipment as well as in the fishing industry and similar applications.

Good reasons speak for ROTZLER...


AW offers towing winches for all types of tug boats. Winches can driven hydraulically and electronically.

The technical solution is with enclosed gears, submerged in lubricating oil. All kinds...


The NABRICO hydra-electric winch, regardless of its capacity, offers you a choice of power, speed and control. Plus, every NABRICO hydra-electric winch uses a standard TEFC 1750 electric...

Proven holding capacity certified by independent testing laboratory.
Ball bearings on high speed shaft and large bronze bushings with grease fittings on all other shafts for long life and dependable service.
Oversized sprockets and chain...

Salt water package standard on all power winches.
Hot-dipped galvanized.
Stainless or silicon bronze fasteners.
3-ply conveyer belt covers (damage and corrosion-resistant).
3-tooth locking dog with large release and fail-safe...

Parker Towing Winches have been in the marine market place for more than forty-five years. Still to be...


Schoellhorn-Albrecht designs and manufactures tugger winches with a variety of options available to meet...


Escort Winch 280 kW
Combined Split drum-Anchor / 200m...

scort Winch 250 kW
Separate Double drum / 200m rope...

Towing Winch 85 kW
Split Drum suitable...


DATA Towing Winches have been designed and built to meet customer exacting requirements and are backed with a wealth of experience accumulated over many years...


The winches can be equipped with hydraulic or electric drive, with or without inverter...


Patterson’s electric winches, available in capacities from 20 to 90 tons, are designed for easy operation and rock-solid durability. The heavy-duty roller chain, sprockets, and roller bearings are exceptionally strong, and the...

Protect your wire—and your winch.

Sometimes there just isn’t room for a full-height winch. If you’re in a low winch- height situation, the Patterson Low-Profile Electric Winch can help. In addition to preventing the wire from hitting the winch, our...

Limited deck space? No problem.

The Patterson Upright Winch is perfect for limited deck-space operations. On the boat or in drydock, you can count on this winch to function just right. The compact design means you can install as many winches as you need to get the horsepower you requireand you can...

Make the most of your power.

Patterson’s Fully Hydraulic Winch gives you all the power of an electric winch without the risk of explosion. The anti-spark design uses your boat’s existing hydraulics to do the heavy lifting—no more worries about injuries or accidents from inappropriate use of electrics. The...


MEP System, a manufacturer of quality Deck Machinery, offers warranty and technical support on our MEP ATM (Anchoring, Towing, Mooring) Systems anytime anywhere. As an integrated provider of various products and services,...


For all types of tugs, also combined with cable lifters, NDM offers a wide range of towing winches. Theese can be...

NDM offers a wide range of tugger winches which can be powered by electric or hydraulic drive.
The winches...


Pull-in Winches up to 600 ton pull

Powerpack with size up to 1000...

Production of complete Karm deckmachinery packages for tugs consisting of:

Hawser winches



Tailor Made to Customers Requirements for Safe Ocean and Harbour Towing


BOPP is one the main actor in conception and fabrication of hydraulic and electric deck equipment for tugs and supply ship products are used by huge towing companies.


How to choose this product


A towing winch is a rotating device, generally with a horizontal shaft, used to handle tow lines and cables. NauticExpo offers electric, hydraulic, single-drum, double-drum and other models.


These devices are found primarily on tugboats. They usually are located on the stern or forecastle in an area free of obstacles.


Such winches are powered by electricity, hydraulics, steam or internal combustion engines. The drum turns to take up or pay out line.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the length and diameter of line to be handled and the winch's load capacity.

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