active heave compensation winch / for ships / towing / oceanographic research



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Use:

    towing, oceanographic research, ROV umbilical cable, for launch and recovery systems, for underwater instruments

  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive, electric drive

  • Technology:

    single-drum, double-drum, with spooling device, active heave compensation, split, waterfall


YMV Winch Active Heave Compensation Mode gives the operator maximum control on load under extreme weather conditions. YMV Active Heave Compensation Winch is designed to reduce downtimes caused from Sea State conditions and thus operational costs.

YMV Winch designs winch components and capacity according to given Vessel data and operational requirements.

Technical Information:
SWL Upto 100 t (including wire length)
Wire length: Upto 5.500 meter

Main Properties:
-Hydraulic Drive
-Active Heave Compensation , Constant Tension, Normal Modes Selection
-Control and Monitoring of Load, length and Speed of Wire
-Monitoring of Active Heave Compensation capacity used
-Containerized Hydraulic Power Unit

-Portable Winch System Design
-Cabled or radio controlled remote control box with AHC, CT, Normal mode selection
-Project Approval Certification from different Class Authorities