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recreational sport catamaran - BRAVO

35 years of water sports innovation brought into being the Hobie Bravo, an adorable little catamaran with an original design,...

recreational sport catamaran - WAVE

Sailing solo, with friends or with the family,...

recreational sport catamaran - TWIXXY

Easy to handle, stable and safe, the Hobie Twixxy can...

recreational sport catamaran - T2

With its high density rotomolded polyethylene hulls, the Hobie T2, designed in 2013, is the ideal boat for sailing...

recreational sport catamaran - 460 SPORT

The 460 is a tough lightweight catamaran that will give the whole family years of fun, she is the Nacra “baby” and where thousands of families will start their sailing careers, whether that be just one member gliding across the waves or...

recreational sport catamaran - 500 SCHOOL

All school boats have to be designed to fulfil a certain sailing role. The Nacra 500 School does just that. She is a “proper catamaran” something not all school boats are !! She is modelled on the successful 500 but with Dacron boomless main and jib....

recreational sport catamaran - 570 SCHOOL

There is always a place in every sailing school for the bigger catamarans that will carry three with ease and the tutor can take two beginners out knowing that the boat is big enough with wide open trampoline spaces for them all. Also large, strong, buoyant hulls will carry three without getting them too deep in the water and hence to wet and cold, not...

recreational sport catamaran - BRAVO

The Bravo is ideal for sailors of all skill levels. Stable and safe for the total novice yet plenty entertaining for a seasoned...

recreational sport catamaran - WAVE

The Hobie Wave is an easy- to-sail, easy-to-rig speedster that will have you smiling. Fun for the family and exciting for the juniors while...

recreational sport catamaran - T2

The T2 is the benchmark boat for performance rotomolded sailing. With its two-layer rotomolded polyethylene hulls, the T2 is the...

recreational sport catamaran - K2

The TOPCAT K2 can be sailed by up to four persons. For recreational sailing, the Cat is the ideal...

children's sport catamaran / recreational - K4

The K4 demonstrates the full potential of the TOPCAT principles: high quality workmanship, an enormous potential for speed,...

recreational sport catamaran - CHICO

With the TOPCAT chico, getting started in sailing is child’s play, and you will have tremendous fun sailing!


children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 10.5

Designed to introduce sailing from 7 years old, this catamaran is well received by the sailing schools, is the logical...

children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 12

Boat for 9-12 years old, it is the ideal support : easy to sail, powerful and responsive. You will go faster whatever your level is.


children's sport catamaran / recreational - NEW CAT 13.5

From 12 years old, this catamaran offers several possibilities: from the school trip to the seaside, to advances sailing under spinnaker to junior competitions.


recreational sport catamaran - NEW CAT 14

Perfect and forgiving learning when first attempting to sail fast with ease and moving from the learning stage to performance sailing.


recreational sport catamaran - NEW CAT 15

Designed for sailing schools or advanced sailing, its large platform and its volume allow teenager and adult crews to sail in total safety.


proa sport catamaran / recreational - NINJA

the modern multifunctional sports multihull needs minimum store space and provides maximum sailing fun

Big advantage of the NINJA is that you have the possibility to have 2 multihulls in 1.


recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART 8.5

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 17.4...

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART 8.5 M

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 17,4...

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART C 8.5

Length 12 ft
Width 2,25 ft
Height 5,30 ft

recreational sport catamaran - WINDKART C 10.7

Length 12 ft
Width 7,4 ft
Height 20,4 ft

recreational sport catamaran - AQUA CAT 12.5

The updated and improved version of one of America's most popular catamarans. The Aqua Cat 12.5 is the latest modification of the original Aqua Cat design produced since 1961. It's the go anywhere, do anything family fun catamaran. From hull flying to lazy day cruising this cat has it all. Sailed single handedly or with a crew this Aqua Cat offers...

recreational sport catamaran - AQUA CAT 14

The larger version of one of the world's most popular one design catamarans brings you performance, simplicity and weight carrying capabilities not offered in...

recreational sport catamaran - ADVENTURE

Length: 5150 mm
Width: 2300 mm
Draft: 200 mm
Two Piece Mast: 8.50 m
Sail Area: 19 m/sq (Fully battened main sail)
Weight: 120 kg (hulls...

recreational sport catamaran - FUNBOAT

If you can ride a bike, you can sail a Funboat.

Now sailing is for everyone who wants to enjoy playing on the water....

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