inflatable sport catamaran / asymmetric spinnaker



  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:

    asymmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    4.2 m (13'09")


Brand new, ultra light and modern catamaran.
Worth waiting!
Product details available : January 2016

Available from stock: End of February 2016

Ultimate serial fitting:

Convex high speed hull shape with wave-piercing bow, max. waterline, greatest speed, lowest drag

High speed rudder - well balanced position, smooth and steady course holding, optimised robust aluminium profile

Long optimised profile centreboard superb effectiveness, enables
optimised beating to windward, lowest drift, infinite angle setting, robust aluminium profile.
(Explanation superb effectiveness of centreboard: Centreboard & rudder )

Special profile frame structure, square channel connections, no twisting of frame, smooth bolt rope fitted trampoline cloth, quick-fit buckles, no lacing

Aerodynamic optimised high-tech rig: automatic rotating mast, special mast-profile with square tubular connection element, no torsion, very high rigidity, sail connected by bolt rope without gap

Dual shrouds, precise mast curve, more safety

Mast foot hinge for easy one person assembling

Essential improved sail shape - way more performance out of same sail area. Uncomplex sail trim with easy to understand adjustment possibilities.

Main sail Traveller, better controllability of sail trim and more performance

Drilling for motor bracket, slip wheels, masthead-float; serially assured

Slot-in sockets for solid bow cover cross bar (stable bow storage for more space possible)