inflatable sport catamaran



  • Use:


  • Length:

    15'00" (4.57 m)


We proudly present the world novelty HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION, the ultimate portable catamaran for sport and family sailing!

The fastest, most professional and most versatile sports catamaran Grabner ever made. The game chancing 15 foot inflatable brings astonishing sailing performance, which no one expected to be possible. In fact the boat is so fast and agile, that it comes very close to an hard shell, though it can be easy transported INSIDE a standard car. This catamaran is changing the image of inflatable sailing boats!

The best available technology of the HAPPY CAT EVOLUTION is second to none:
- many innovative details which improve sailing performance
- proven the fastest, sophisticated hydrodynamic hull shape including ultra-modern wavepiercing bow technology - tank tested and computer calculated.
- incredible stiffness, even in tough coastal waters.
- huge selection of accessory which extend diversity and easy handling

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