instructional sport catamaran / recreational / children's / double-trapeze



  • Use:

    instructional, recreational

  • Crew:


  • Other characteristics:

    double-trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    3.85 m (12'07")


Twincat 13 is a sports leisure catamaran for children and adolescents.

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Twincat 13 is specially designed to meet four key criteria: performance, durability and accessibility ecology.

It is the little brother of Twincat 15 and its logical continuation ... Thermoplastic prepreg.*, too, it is for children / teenagers will fit perfectly to individuals, sailing clubs and hotels resorts.


Its forms of original nuts recess to drain the water and let dry the crew. Thanks to the volume generated by this recess, they also can accommodate a heavier crew or more (3/4 children).

With its advanced anti-drift plan Twincat 13 is easy, efficient and ... inexhaustible.

His double trapeze and spinnaker kit (optional), will make an evolutionary and Twincat 13 sports boat ...

ECOLOGICAL: No toxic fumes in manufacturing, recyclable.

RESISTANT: The Thermoplastic prepreg.* has the technical characteristics of resistance beyond the material currently used in light sailing leisure.

This boat was made of thermoplastic prepreg.*, in order to ensure a greater impact strength, increase its rigidity, reduced weight and meet future building standards for recyclability (environment).

Marine qualities and strength above all ...


Length: 3.85 m
Width: 2.10 m
Weight: 95 kg
GV: 8 m²
FOC: 2.1 m²
C 1 adult or 2 children
D 2 adults and 4 children
Max. 160 Kg