instructional sport catamaran / recreational / double-handed / single-trapeze



  • Use:

    instructional, recreational

  • Crew:


  • Other characteristics:

    single-trapeze, asymmetric spinnaker

  • Length:

    4.85 m (15'10")


Phantom 16:
This cat is a wise compromise it is the perfect union between practicality and fun;
The twin hulls are made from layered fibreglass and special fibres sandwiched for increased structural strength.
The aluminum mast is completely water tight allowing the boat to be easily righted from a capsize, albeit overall the Phantom series are particularly stable catamarans. A winged profile two piece mast is available upon request which allows you to transport it on the car roof top without compromising overall safety. All metallic components are anodized for durability and long term usage. High Quality sailing hardware and fittings are mounted; ball bearing blocks and mainsail traveller car are utilized.