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rigid kayak / river running / solo



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    river running

  • Capacity:



Type of the boat:
downriver kayak K1
French licence
For athletes:
all weight and age categories, better under 80kg
For the type of river:
easy and moderate difficult water terrains
Stars on the boat:
Anežka Paloudová
Down river kayak KINITO cames to us from France. Our french dealer bought the licence for production. Since 2010 when we started producting, the boat has became the most popular and most sold boat from our sortiment. We are selling tens of boats per year and it keeps be favorite.

It is popular in the basic material combination for beginners, for experienced athletes in higher classes, too.

The boat is stable, keep the direction which you want and it is obedient. The Kinito obeys to the paddle shots and tilts. It is stable even on the moderate difficult terrains with waves.