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racing canoe / river running / solo
Kiku 2



  • Intended use:

    racing, river running

  • Number of places:



Type of the boat:
downriver canoe C1
For athletes:
all age categories, the weight under 85kg
For the type of river:
all types of terrains
Stars on the boat:
Antonín Haleš
David Jirka
Martin Novák
Tomáš Saiko
Radka Valíková
Jan Paták
Marek Žniva
Luca Cardinali
This boat born in 2012, comes from our Kiku - the only changes are on the front part - the nos is higher than use to be. The bottom stayed the same, so the properties are the same as Kiku(1). BUT now the front part comes over the waves better than use to go - the water goes to sides instead of to go to the face of paddler. The nose is also slight - this works mentally - the boat seems to be much more fast, the athete feels much better ;)

The properties of ride is the same as by Kiku(1) – so look there.