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racing canoe / flatwater / river running / 2-person



  • Intended use:

    racing, flatwater, river running

  • Number of places:



Type of the boat:
downriver canoe C2
Peter Soska - Matus Kunhart
For athletes:
all age categories, even for bigger weight category
For the type of river:
all types of terrains, from flatwater to big rapids
Stars on the boat:
Peter Soska - Matus Kunhart
Remi Pete
Vojtěch Malý – Karel Rašner
The new from the year 2011.

On the design of this C2 participated World Champion Peter Soska and Matus Kunhart from Slovakia. After years of tuning new type of C2 coming SHOCK, which has a first tests. The first prototype is in possesion of Soska - Kunhart in Žilina [SVK]. The second boat travels to France, where it will be available as a test boat. Since that time many of boats go to the world and bring many medails to their riders.

SHOCK is an evolution of the boat KENU, that´s true... But with many changes which appriciate the paddlers.

The increased nose protect the paddler and the front half of the boat from spraying by water. The flat hull slides over the waves and the boat runs forward.

When you goes without the tilt or with sligh tilt the boat goes straight ahead and doesn´t dodge to sides. Thanks to the volume, the boat is perfect to big waves.