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racing canoe / flatwater / river running / solo



  • Intended use:

    racing, flatwater, river running

  • Number of places:



Type of the boat:
downriver canoe C1
Lukas Novosad – Karel Rasner
For athletes:
all weight and age categories, especially beginners, C1 ladies and really experienced athletes, good even for the weight about 90-95kg
For the type of river:
all types of terrains, from flatwater to big rapids
Stars on the boat:
Hana Peterková
Dirk Klingenhagen
Pavel Malý
The words by Lukas Sadlo Novosad: „New stable canoe especially suited for those who not expect maximum from himself, but from his boat."
This boat comes from popular French model from nineties - Feuillette (Fejeta), which was used by top athletes from Czech republic. Model Lulu is such a comeback to last years, when the boats were more stable the today.
The robust shape and stability are the main point of this boat.

It is popular among the juniors who study the art of paddling. More, the ladies - the new category in ICF. And definatelly the masters or hoby paddlers who wants to enjoy their ride.
In the order of stability, from the most stable is LULU - KIKU/KIKU2 – GERY.
The next group of paddlers interested in Lulu are so called „hobby paddler" who want to enjoy the ride and don´t want to waste their time when learning how to go on the less stable models.
This boat is also suitable for the paddles with higher weigh, even about 90-95kg.