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flatwater canoe / river running / solo



  • Intended use:

    flatwater, river running

  • Number of places:



Type of the boat:
downriver canoe C1
Lukas Novosad - Vladimír Vala
For athletes:
all weight and age categories
For the type of river:
all types of terrains, from flatwater to big rapids
Stars on the boat:
Lukas Novosad
Conor Healy
Luca Cecchinelli
Antonin Hales
The Gery's bottom construction follows from the most popular singlecanoe in the last few years - Bala. Gery is narrower in the part under wings compare to Bala and wings are lifted up.

It is appropriate especially for racers, who go mainly with deviation from the vertical axis or use often fast aggressive short backstrokes. The result is such, that a stream of water does not flow over they wing and the boat puts up smaller resistance to water. Moving on the boat is more dynamic and faster. An average competitor will appreciate the feature and feel better slide.

Radical changes have been made with a top of the boat. We have enlarged the nose of the boat for better ploughing through waves. The area around the collar is formed for effective and easy moving of a paddle along the boat. The back part of the boat is more resistant to breaking due to the waved shaped.
Gery is intended for the best whitewater competitors with an aggressive style of driving, who expect the maximal ride properties.

The boat is ideal for average or easier water terrains like as: Cenkarna, Hanusovice, Krhanice, Lofer, K. Vary, Bovec. It is appropriate for the category of juniors and seniors.