ship liferaft / MED / throw-overboard / inflatable



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Norms:


  • Launching:


  • Other characteristics:

    inflatable, reversible


The RFD Canopied Fully Reversible Inflatable Liferaft conforms to Resolution MSC.81(70) of the International Maritime Organization's Maritime Safety Committee. It also meets the International Organization for Standardization's ISO 15738:2002 (MED) (JG) (TC) specifications, as required in gas inflation systems for inflatable life-saving appliances.

The 50-person Surviva is ideal for use with the Slide MES. The 100-person consists of 2 x 50-person liferafts packed in the same container and connected for maximum capacity.


Two super-imposed buoyancy chambers provide a high freeboard
Suspended floor in-between two buoyancy chambers
Self-erecting canopy which operates by a shuttle-like action provided by its own buoyancy
Robust weather protection provided by canopy regardless of which way the liferaft initially deploys
Each liferaft is furnished with boarding facilities, external and internal lighting, lifelines, a drogue (sea anchor), a rescue line and quoit as well as other necessary items of equipment