Ship propeller shaft / composite
VULKAN Kupplungs


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    for ships

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The VULKAN Composite Shafting (CS-System) consist of the composite shafting, combined certain steel adapters, intermediate-shaftings, bearings, bulkhead seals and as an option flexible links, membrane couplings, highly flexible couplings or other driveline components. VULKAN Composite Shaftings in filament wound carbon or glass fiber structure are available in a torque range from 5 to 800 kNm, diameters from 170 to 810mm and different length configurations. Depending on speed rsp. critical speed, long spanse between bearing supports can be bridged. The CS-System can be supplied in high torsional (T) or high bending stiffness (B) layout of CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics).


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