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plain bearing block / single / with swivel / with becket
HT 92040 Holt



  • Type:

    plain bearing

  • Number of sheaves:


  • Configuration:

    with swivel, with becket

  • Maximum line diameter:

    max. rope ø 10 mm

  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Working load:

    200 kg (440.9 lb)

  • Breaking load:

    400 kg (881.8 lb)


Designed in 1997, this range of performance plastic blocks has been used by other brands. The single piece composite body with aluminum centre axle gives performance under the average loads present in small to medium boats.

Sheave Dia : 40mm
Material : Acetal Resin
Cheeks : Acetal Resin
Axle : Aluminium (Hard Anodised)