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Hydraulic turnbuckle / for sailboats / removable

Commentary Ideal for fitting a removable inner...

Articulated toggle turnbuckle / articulated toggle / for sailboats / fine adjustment

Commentary Ideal for fitting a removable inner forestay...

Sailboat turnbuckle

Compact and lightweight, made from high...

Sailboat turnbuckle

Stay and vernier adjusters Compact and...

Sailboat turnbuckle

A4772DR-KIT Stay and vernier adjusters Heavy...

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A rigging screw is a fitting used to attach a cable to a fixed structure and to control its tension.


These devices are used to tune sailboat rigging by adjusting the tension of forestays, shrouds and the backstays.


These devices generally consist of a threaded cage which is turned to adjust the tension on a cable running to the deck. This cage can be open or closed. Hydraulic models, common on backstays, permit dynamic adjustments. Related fittings often used on sailing dinghies are simple and inexpensive channel adjusters or extenders. However, these are difficult to adjust while sailing.

How to choose

Choice will depend on the rigging screw's mechanical strength, its range of adjustment, weight and size.

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