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ship propeller / 4-blade / adjustable / variable-pitch - SCP CP

SCHOTTEL Controllable Pitch Propellers (SCP) are the appropriate solution when highest propulsive efficiency for changing speed or load are required and...

ship propeller / 4-blade / adjustable / variable-pitch - SCP CP

MAN Diesel & Turbo is proud to present a high-efficient VBS propeller generation, which has been developed on the basis of the industry's state-of-the-art design tools combined with the vast experience accumulated from more than 7,000...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - ALPHA

The fixed pitch propellers are characterised by the following benefits:

High-efficient hydrodynamic optimised blade profiles...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - ALPHA

Wärtsilä Controllable Pitch Propellers offer excellent efficiency and manoeuvrability, and are recommended for ships requiring frequent port calls.

Wärtsilä CP propellers are the ideal choice for diesel mechanic propulsion, in...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - ALPHA

Wärtsilä Fixed Pitch Propellers are recommended when optimal efficiency, reliability, and robustness is required.

Each ship’s hull has its own characteristics. In order to achieve...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / adjustable - ABP

The Kamewa range of ABP is based on a hollow hub with blades bolted to it from the inside. A unique feature is the method of bolting the blades to the hub using simple hand tools.


ship propeller / controllable / variable-pitch / custom - CP-A

The Kamewa CP-A controllable pitch hub is an evolution of the XF5 system, renowned for its high efficiency and its blade bearing arrangement designed to avoid peak pressures and...

ship propeller / controllable / variable-pitch / custom - CP-A

Rolls-Royce has many years of experience in the design of fixed pitch propellers. In the US we have our own foundry capable of producing fixed pitch propellers up to 10m diameter in a variety of materials, to the exacting tolerances required for modern naval platforms.


ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - FPP RANGE

Fixed Pitch Propeller
Smooth cruising for pleasure craft and commercial applications

The range of...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

Rugged and reliable, CAT® Controllable Pitch Propellers feature the first hub system in the shipping industry where the moisture content is continually monitored.


ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

Fixed pitch propellers (FPP) by SCHAFFRAN are successfully operated for many decades on various ship types like motor yachts, naval ships patrol boats, governmental vessels, offshore supply vessels, special ships, coasters, passenger liners, and research...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

For over three decades various ship types have been equipped with SCHAFFRAN hydraulically operated controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and shaft installations and are operated successfully. Through distinct variations in construction we are able to offer optimised CPP installations...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

SCHAFFRAN is designing and building ship shaft installations with fixed- and controllable pitch propellers for many decades.
As our other products they are operated successfully all over the world on many motor- and sailing yachts, on marine and governmental vessels, on patrol boats as well as various special service crafts in offshore or research operation. Many merchant vessels and fast ferries...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

Fixed Pitch Propeller design and manufacture all sizes for Merchant & Military
Sterngear / Shaftline...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / controllable / custom - BCP

Propeller and shaftline packages, design and manufacture
Fixed pitch propeller design and manufacture, up to 4 metres diameter

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - BRUNTONS

Fixed pitch propeller design and manufacture
Sterngear / Shaftline design and manufacture

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - BRUNTONS

Type: according to the hub mechanism and type of pitch setting force, divided into 3 types:
A type, B type, and C type, A, B is push-pull type, C is cylinder in hub type
Key feature:

Simplify the mechanism──reduce the amount of parts: not only reduce total cost but also improve...

ship propeller - OPEN

If you are looking for an affordable standard solution, we recommend an open propeller. An open propeller is particularly suitable for...

ship propeller / controllable / variable-pitch / custom -

Scana Volda manufactures controllable pitch (CP) propellers in the power range up to 20,000 kW, with propeller diameters from approx. 2000 mm to 7500 mm.

The hydrodynamic design of the propeller blades, preferably based on...

ship propeller / controllable / variable-pitch / custom -

The propeller is one of a ship’s key attachments. As the critical intermediary between the power of the main engine and the water, it must push the ship across the oceans. Hereby, the required speed must be optimal combined with the most economic fuel consumption.

Theese high demands...

ship propeller / controllable / variable-pitch / custom -

Since decades belong propeller blades and other components for ship propulsions of many different applications to MMG´s production line, such as:

Controllable pitch propellers (CPP);

yacht propeller / for ships / custom - CUSTOM

BT Marine design and manufacture customised propellers for commercial and leisure vessels including patrol boats, luxury yachts, high speed...

yacht propeller / for ships / custom - CUSTOM

BT Marine manufacture standard propellers for the commercial and leisure market to consistently high standards...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / adjustable - CP series

The Advantages of Controllable Pitch Propellers

A fixed propeller, designed for maximum speed, cannot give maximum power at low speed, while a fixed propeller designed for power, cannot achieve maximum speed.
With a controllable pitch propeller it is always possible to obtain full utilization of the engine, irrespective of the purpose...

ship propeller / variable-pitch / adjustable - CP series

We make the patterns for new propellers at Sound Propeller’s on site Pattern...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - DJX

"DJX" and "DQX" are an evolution of the tried and true Dyna-Jet and Dyna-Quad series propellers. The "X" series design,...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - DQX

"DJX" and "DQX" are an evolution of the tried and true Dyna-Jet and Dyna-Quad series propellers. The "X" series design,...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - ANSWER

THis design provides good performance in moderate...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - CRUISER

I his higher skew design is appropriate for the faster...

ship propeller / Kaplan / monobloc - VEEMSKEWPLAN

The VEEMSkewplan propeller is a further evolution to the highly successful VEEMKaplan propeller. The Skewplan is designed for use on trawlers, tugs and long liners. Not just a skewed Kaplan, the Skewplan incorporates many features not found on competitors’ propellers. Blade foil sections...

ship propeller - VEEMLOADSTAR

The VEEMLoadstar® design is particularly suited to work boats with open water propellers. The Loadstar is a hard working propeller providing excellent thrust and maneuverability. Incorporating flat faced, ogival sections, the Loadstar is heavily built making it...

ship propeller / Kaplan / monobloc - VEEMKAPLAN

The VEEMKaplan propeller series is suited to nozzle applications and is extremely popular for trawlers, tugs and other vessels requiring high towing or bollard pull thrust. The Kaplan propeller is designed to operate in a nozzle and has excellent thrust characteristics in low speed...

ship propeller - SSRP

Servogear has developed it's propeller design from medium-running to super-slow-running propellers
This has been made possible by our propeller tunnel design.
Advantages achieved:
. Very...

ship propeller - SSRP

Our products combine the best aspects of ZF and of FH propellers. This is because both were a part of Masson-Marine at some point in their history.

Our propellers are assembled in France or in China, depending on the geographic location and the wishes of our client.

The electric controls are...

ship propeller - SSRP

Blokland Non Ferro BV calculates, advises and supplies the optimal propeller...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - TITAN


Hard working propeller.
Built to take heavy demands of tugs, workboats & heavy duty vessels.
Greater thrust in a smaller diameter.



ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - NAUTILUS

The Nautilus propeller is one of our latest developments. Its skewed design reduces the propeller pressure pulses to minimum level, allowing the smoothest and quietest operation. It is ideal...

ship propeller - DELFIN


Most versatile.
Its refined design offers high resistance, inspired in the propeller type B-Troost.
Used Worldwide on fishing, supply and workboats.

ship propeller / lateral thruster - KAPLAN

The Kaplan propeller is another example of our most advanced technology. This propeller is designed to be used with a nozzle in order to give shrimpers and workboats more thrust, by considerably...

ship propeller / fixed-pitch / custom - KA-SPEED


Reduced force-excitation level of the propeller.
Offers excellent output improving blade stress distribution.
Smooth and silent operation (better than...


How to choose this product


A ships propeller is the most common means of propulsion for ships. It consists of several blades, resembling those of a fan, mounted on the end of a drive shaft. Propellers differ in their materials, including bronze and aluminum, and their functional details. They can be fixed or variable pitch, surface-piercing propeller or another configuration.


The propeller transforms the engine's rotary power into thrust with each revolution it makes.


Boat propellers work in the same way as airplane wings. Each blade is shaped like an airfoil. Rotation creates a pressure differential between the forward and aft surfaces due to blade profile and angle of attack. This difference results in thrust.

How to choose

Propeller size must be adapted to vessel size and engine power, since undersized blades cannot handle all the engine's power. Constituent material is also a factor. Ship propellers often are custom-built. Manufacturers have software and special equipment to aid in selection.

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