ship propeller / fixed-pitch / propeller shaft / custom



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Technology:


  • Propulsion:

    propeller shaft

  • Other characteristics:



HHI-EMD produces a wide variety of marine propellers with a diameter up to 11 meters and
a maximum unit weight of 114 tons. The main materials are manganese bronze and nickelaluminum
HHI-EMD employs a comprehensively computerized design, manufacturing and inspection
system for these products.
Hyundai-Mitsubishi Marine Propulsion Steam Turbines
HHI-EMD and Mitsubishi combines their expertise to produce the best quality marine steam
turbines. MS-2 Series are the typical standard products manufactured by HHI-EMD under the
technical license of Mitsubishi.
HYUNDAI-MITSUBISHI marine steam turbines feature modern design, high output and
economy to ensure the successful operation of various types of ships. We are confident that
Propeller Shop • Maximum: 114 tons in Weight, 11 m in Diameter the MS-2 Series steam turbines will satisfy any requirements of their users.
• Minimum: 10 tons in Weight, 3 m in Diameter
• Machining Equipment: NC Blade Milling M/C x 3 sets
• Boss Boring M/C x 3 sets
• Riser Cutting M/C x 2 sets
• Horizontal Balancing M/C x 2 sets