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A perfect blue water cruiser, the Pilot Saloon 48 is the quintessence of Wauquiez expertise in terms of conception and high-end yacht building. The Pilot Saloon concept, launched by Henri Wauquiez over the last 20 years, continue to attract many sailors looking for a versatile sailing yacht, matching every sailing program...

The Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 47 has adopted all of the features that have made the Pilot Saloons a success: the aft cockpit and owner’s cabin, the panoramic view from the saloon and the engine...


Architecte / Architect : PRIVILEGE MARINE
Longueur HT/Length overall (LOA) : 14,60m / 48'
Longueur de flottaison/Waterline length (LWL) : 13,60m / 44'6
Bau maximum/ Beam overall : 4,75m / 15'5
Tirant d'eau DI/Draft...


It has been developed with the main structure laminated to the helmet and structural countermoulds, with two levels of rating and deck in Panoramic...

There are ideas that reunite the best thing of several worlds. Ambitious ideas that they pass time in minds, planes and computers,...


The Sirius 310 DS is the second in Marc-Oliver von Ahlen`s new design line. It was drawn out following a large design contest with the active support and co-operation of our customers and interested...

Ask any cruising yachtsman today to describe the boat of their dreams and most will demand cruising comfort, combined with first-class sailing characteristics and sea-worthiness.

What happens if a company, which is known for its love for every detail, its wealth of ideas, its high-quality craftsmanship and moreover deeply ingrained in 40 years of tradition, starts to plan a new and trend-setting sailing yacht?
We are proud to present...

The philosophy behind our Sirius deck saloon yachts lies in the inter-connection of the most important living areas on board. Why is this important for us? It´s easy to imagine problems on a sailing trip: For some, the trip turns out too long, grumbling kids in the...

CE-registration: Category A, Ocean, for world-wide traveling

Hull and deck: Made in hand-laid GRP. The hull is built exceptionally strongly, above the waterline with vacuum-adhered sandwich, in a one-piece mould with...


The Gunfleet 43

Our brief to designer Tony Castro for the Gunfleet 43 was to set a new benchmark for performance and comfort, in this size range, while retaining the practical, seamanlike qualities serious cruising yachtsmen expect.

"The further and deeper I delve into this yacht, the...


The Felci 44 Ocean Cruiser was created as a boat designed for cruising and blue water navigation in the true sense of the word.
The airy, practical internal spaces form an integral part of a marine boat that combines speed with safety making this new Felci Yacht Design project unique.

ICE 44The raised saloon combines the aesthetic...


In 2010 Sunreef Yachts launched a new range of fast performance cruisers from 70 to 170 feet of length – THE ULTIMATE RANGE. The company resolved to explore a new market niche by introducing a sophisticated design line of ultra-modern, high-performance sailing catamarans with environmentally friendly elements. Last year, Sunreef Yachts design team created the largest project of this range Sunreef...

The classic Sunreef single deck catamaran has been especially conceived for clients not only seeking the luxury, but faultless performance as well.



The Hunter 45DS has redefined the Deck Salon concept with the brightest and most open salon ever designed. Oversized deck ports draw in huge volumes of natural light to complement the rich woodwork and airy floorplan....


An intelligently designed, comfortable, cosy boat, her horizontal architecture frees navigation and life...


Above all a yacht must be elegant with sharp lines and fine details....

Designed for relaxation and comfort, the Sun Odyssey 41DS also delivers the thrill of responsive sailing.

A spacious owner’s...

The Sun Odyssey 44DS is no less than a revolution.
The combination of a Philippe Briand...

Two of the biggest names in naval architecture have teamed up to create the new Sun Odyssey 50DS.

Philippe Briand designed her high performance hull, while the Garroni Designers lent her an elegant style. Together,...


The youthful Nauticat 321 offers superb accommodation and quality of build and attention to smallest detail. The interior...

The Nauticat 37 is a yacht with appealing looks and performance. She combines these qualities with the...

Encouraged by the success of the Nauticat 37, a completely new model, the Nauticat 385...

The Nauticat 42 became an immediate success after her introduction. She is strong,...


The Solaris 48’ born from the experience of the American Bill Tripp, one of the most successful designers of maxi and mega yachts among the most beautiful and most renowned in the world, and from his skill in designing perfectly balanced...


The Delphia 46CC is unique due to its deck saloon being connected to a centrally located cockpit.

This configuration is typical for the most luxurious of ocean-going yachts and ensures exceptional stability of the craft which translates into comfort and safety of sailing.

The design provides comfortable accommodation for the entire crew and panoramic windows...


The name Maxi has for decades, been synonymous with well-builtboats which, due to their high quality, have ensured that the company has carved itself out a special reputation within the boat world.

Today, Maxi Yachts manufactures yachts from 40 42...


Overall length : 13,70 m.
Hull length : 13,50 m.
Waterline length : 12,95 m.
Beam : 4,20 m.
Draft : 2,10 m.
Displacement : 11,400 kg.
Ballast : 3,600 kg.
Berths : 6 - 8
Sail areas : 89,00 m2
Engine : 75 Hp.

Hull : Hand made solid laminate Fiberglas mat and rowing...

Length overall : 12.35 m.
Length of waterline : 11.15 m.
Beam : 3.90 m.
Draft : 1.90 / 1.50 m.
Displacement : 8700 / 9000 kg.
Ballast : 2800 / 3100 kg
Berths : 6 - 8
Sail areas : 81 m2
Engine : 54 Hp.

Hull : Hand made solid laminate Fiberglas mat and rowing .
Deck : Deck is moulded Fiberglas, stress areas...


Length overall : 10.60 m.
Length of waterline : 9.25 m.
Beam : 3.50 m.
Draft : 1.70 m.
Displacement : 6.100 kg.
Ballast : 1.900 kg.
Sail Area: 61.70 m2
Headroom: 1.95 m.
Cabins: 2
Berths: 4-5
Toilets: 1
Fuel Tanks: 120 lt.
Water Tanks: 220 lt.
Power: 30 hp


Hull : Hand made...


Length overall : 9.35 m. Power : 22 hp.
Length of hull : 9.10 m. Diesel tanks : 90 lt.
Length of waterline : 8.40 m Water tanks :180 lt.
Beam : 3.10 m. Black, gray water tanks : 60 lt + 40 lt.
Draft : 1.60 / 1.40 m....


The flagship of our fleet, the 46RK sets the standard for sailboats when it comes to speed and performance, space and quality. No other sailboat offers the attention to detail and fine touches that make life at sea feel like home. A Seaward 46RK gives pride in ownership with her simply sweet practicality...


With the perfect blend of modern innovation and traditional features, this highly successful semi-custom yacht meets and exceeds the demands of today’s knowledgeable sailor. Designed by the Passport...

Innovation and traditional features blend seamlessly to meet the demands of today's knowledgeable sailor. The Passport 470AC was designed by Robert Perry as a modern performance cruiser.
The Passport 470AC strikes a perfect balance between performance and comfort. Her hull shape insures a soft motion offshore and the...


Nordship 360 DS is the smallest boat in our range, but this does not make it a small boat.
The Interior with 2 large double cabins (owner’s cabin in the front) and...

Following on the success of the Nordship 40 DS, the Danish Yard is developing a new Nordship 380 DS, which fits in to the new concept of a huge cockpit, divided into two areas – one for steering and trimming and one...

Lars Buchwald has incorporated his vast experience in building deck saloon cruiser yachts and has used the latest in modern...

Nordship 430 DS has taken position as the flagship of the Nordship deck-saloon fleet from 36-43 feet.

Nordship 430 DS has like its smaller sisters...

The target was to create a Nordship 430 with even more space and comfort for a crew of only 4 persons and to change the cockpit into a traditional Center Cockpit.

Last but not least the owner wanted to have a lifting keel fitted on the boat.

The complete interior is moved aft, which...


It seems like many boat builders today are vying for boat show bragging rights to the ‘biggest boat per foot of length’ as their new designs seem to be getting beamy to the extreme. But a new breeze is stirring. SAGA YACHTS is ‘splitting tacks’ with the fleet. Taking the lead from the shorthanded offshore racing fleets like the Whitbread and BOC around the world races, SAGA has opted instead to...


How to choose this product


A deck saloon sailboat has a sheltered area between exterior cockpit and interior main cabin which offers comfort and a good view of the surroundings.

These vessels often are designed for blue-water sailing and ocean passages. Watch-keeping is more relaxing when comfortably ensconced in the deck saloon, the autopilot engaged and the only task at hand is the observation of the surrounding sea. It is also the ideal spot for breakfast underway with a sea view.

An integral part of the vessel between the cockpit and the cabin, below, the deck saloon must be part of the designer's plans. It often has an elevated roof for sufficient headroom, with portholes all around for panoramic views. This constitutes a sort of raised pilothouse.

- Panoramic views
- Ideal spot between cockpit and cabins

- Additional top hamper
- Reduces sleekness

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