flexible mechanical coupling / for ships / for shafts



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:

    for shafts


Torque range
0.63 kNm - 20.0 kNm

Engines connected to remotely mounted gearboxes or other driven machines with a floating shaft arrangement (e.g. universal shaft)

In addition to the cardan shaft series coupling program VULKAN has developed the VULKAN ISS, the Integral Shaft Support. The ISS fitts in installations where the cardan shaft has a large angle of inclination. The ISS combines a bellhousing with bearings capable to take the lateral and axial reaction forces of the cardan shaft. The engine crankshaft loadings can therefore be reduced significantly. The integrated higly flexible coupling optimizes the torsional vibration characteristics of the system.


Protection of the crankshaft against axial or radial reaction forces
Customised solution for compensation of high angular displacement between the motor and the gearbox
It is flexible in use as an integrated elastic coupling with three models and a wide torque range