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bow thruster / for ships / twin counter-rotating propellers / Z-drive

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bow thruster bow thruster
  • Bow thruster


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  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Other characteristics:

    twin counter-rotating propellers, Z-drive


Does your vessel have a shallow draft and you find low noise levels important? Then counter-rotating propellers may be of interest to you. Because the power is divided between two (smaller) propellers which rotate in opposite directions, a higher efficiency can be obtained with respect to a single propeller.

In contrast to other suppliers, Veth Propulsion offers a CR solution in which the propeller is mounted on two sides of the tail unit. This has a number of advantages:

The peripheral speed of the shaft seals is half that of systems with two propellers on one side, in that a shaft does not rotate inside another shaft.
Two separate (solid) shafts are each loaded between 45-55% of the output power
A durable bearing and seal is thus created, compared with two propellers on one side
By making use of a four-blade and a five-blade propeller, the power is distributed over nine blades
Less time in dock during dismantling. Seals remain in position when the propeller is removed and oil change is not necessary
At an equal propeller diameter, an efficiency gain of 15 to 20% is achieved compared to a single propeller
Veth Propulsion operates on a proven concept where a labyrinth is incorporated in the propeller hub. A great advantage is that the seal is well protected from fishing line or ropes.

In short, a counter-rotating Z-drive of Veth Propulsion makes the combination of high efficiency, small propeller diameters and low noise possible.