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azimuth thruster / for ships / hydraulic

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azimuth thruster / for ships / hydraulic azimuth thruster / for ships / hydraulic


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    for ships

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In height or width
With a hydraulically driven rudder propeller the hydraulic motor can be placed on the side of the top gear drive (Z-drive type), or at the top of the gear drive (L-drive type).

When is hydraulic drive recommended?
Hydraulic propulsion is recommended specifically for large vessels that need considerable hydraulic power packs for other large hydraulic systems on-board, e.g. large cranes or winches. The hydraulic power packs can be combined and used for various purposes.

Advantages of hydraulic drive

Small motor allows for a compact fit
The hydraulic power pack can be used for multiple purposes

Disadvantages of hydraulic drive

Higher investment costs compared to diesel direct propulsion
Hydraulic system produces high levels of noise
Low efficiency of the hydraulic system