tank inspection ROV

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tank inspection ROV tank inspection ROV - AspiROV


  • Type:

    for tank inspection

  • Depth:

    Max.: 100 m (328'01")


AspiROV is an ultra-portable robot especially designed for visual inspection and cleaning of fire fighting, industrial and potable water tanks. Based on the Guardian mini-ROV design, it can be operated in inspection mode (navigation in open water) or in cleaning mode thanks to its rolling skid.

Thanks to its light weight (12kg) and its small dimensions, AspiROV can be deployed and commissionned by a single operator. The ballast system allows the operator adjusting the robot buoyancy for obstruction clearance (valves, inlet filter, etc.).

AspiROV offers to operators and their sub-contractors a cost saving (no tank emptying) and low risk (no human intervention inside the tank) solution for both tank cleaning and inspection.