boating engine / professional vessel / inboard / diesel



  • Market:

    boating, professional vessel

  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    atmospheric, mechanical fuel injection

  • Power:

    27.2 ch (27.2 hp)


The MINI-29 is an ultracompact 3-cylinders diesel marine engine delivers a power of 27,2 Hp at 3600 rpm. Mainly designed for sailboats, small fishing ships, and llaguts (a typical Mediterranean leisure boat). The cylinder block was designed and created by Mitsubishi to obtain an engine with very low little vibrations and to get the highest crew comfort. It is a very reliable marine engine and with easy maintenance. The saltwater cooler is made of one-piece cast and does not has any welding. It is compatible with many engine repower kits that reduce the installation costs in case of repowering. Available with customizations such as filters relocation, sea water pump on the the front side, dry exhaust, etc.