soft shackle for sailboats / high-speed / Dyneema®
T-close C / Cs



  • Type:

    soft, high-speed

  • Other characteristics:



C / Cs, captive textile shackle, specially designed for halyards & sheets with an eye ending. Shackle that is captive using our Block® system.


- Captive textile shackle for connection between two elements: sheets, halyards, mainsail foot, etc.
- Easy-to-use ¬ Closure with Cape Knot® ¬ Quick opening even after heavy load
- Reliable, maintenance-free


- T-close fastener¬ Glass-fibre reinforced PA
- Rope 100% made of Dyneema® R2 pre-stretched, coated ¬ Light grey/black
- Model T-close C ¬ without oversheath / Model T-close Cs ¬ with oversheath in Dyneema® R2
- Strength certified by Veritas

- The flexibility of textile ensures that the work is in the axis of the forces
- Does not damage masts and decks
- Captive on sheet or halyard thanks to the Block® system
- Highly resistant to UV
- Excellent resistance to chafing
- No corrosion
- 10 x lighter than a stainless-steel shackle of equivalent strength