Who we are


A company founded on a dual vision which combines high-tech innovation and social responsibility.

Nodus Factory develops, designs and sells innovative textile fittings.

With its innovation into fast link systems, Nodus Factory is making a revolution with patented and Veritas certified hardware textile.

The hardware market is undergoing an evolution that leads to replace metal elements with textile ones. The Nodus Factory company surfs on this evolution by declining it on the fastening and hanging systems in the textile fittings. Thanks to its knowledge of modern textile fibers acquired through its research and development activity, Nodus Factory has developed a wide range of products intended to facilitate fittings and sailmaking.

Our values

Nodus Factory « local distribution channel and proximity » !

Innovate your rigging, Node your Ropes!

Build our future, to face this unprecedented context.

Our Nodusfactory-Sail 2021 catalogue is designed for an interactive use and will drive your choices.

Link: www.calameo-Nodusfactory-sail

Our online-shop, Nodusfactory-Store is offering you the Nodus products for sale, but also additional products from our business partners, for which we developed textile solutions in Dyneema Nodex®. A technical call center is also available.


In Europe, our distributors are taking advantage of the expertise of the Nodusfactory-Sail team, our communication mediums and our customized recommendations, to ensure we provide you the best customer service.


Worldwide, we are creating local collecting points in order to provide you fast and satisfy your needs.


Our team’s main purpose is and will always be to provide you with efficient, secured and reliable textile solutions.

Developped and manufactured in France, our innovations are tested and certified by the Bureau Véritas.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us,

Fair winds and following seas !

Our presence around the world