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observation underwater ROV

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observation underwater ROV observation underwater ROV


  • Type:


  • Depth:

    300 m (984'03")


Boxfish ROV — An underwater drone
Industry-leading intelligent design
The Boxfish ROV’s lightweight design offers easy deployment and operation with a crew of just two from virtually any small boat without the need for further equipment*, at just 23kg, it is easy to launch and recover by hand and operates down to 300m with an option to go to 1000m and beyond.

Built in ultra wide-angle navigation cameras offer unprecedented surround visibility and give the pilot excellent situational awareness. This coupled with the auto-stabilisation system and pilot assist features makes piloting the ROV a breeze.

Should disaster strike, the ROV has a fault tolerant design allowing it to continue to operate with several fouled thrusters. Additionally, if all communications are lost, it will automatically return to surface under its own power.

*DC or AC power required if not purchased with optional battery power pack.