epoxy resin-based repair kit
Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.

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epoxy resin-based repair kit epoxy resin-based repair kit


* The structural epoxy Sea-Line ® is a comprehensive application
* It works in both the construction and the repair of damaged parts of the boat.
* This resin is recommended for laminating, sealing, enhancing the surface, bonding and linking the various elements of the structure.
* In conjunction with the glass mat is used for manual repairs of substantial damage.
* The coating has very good adhesion to any type of substrate and very high resistance and hardness.
* Component A is colorless, while component B has a bluish tint which greatly facilitates the mixing of ingredients.

To obtain a full-fledged and adequately strong laminate, use a 2:1 weight ratio of resin to fibre glass mat for epoxy or 1:1 weight ratio of resin to glass fabric

To finish laminated surfaces we recommend to use epoxy fillers Sea-Line ®, epoxy primers Sea-Line ®, topcoats Sea-Line ®

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