wind vane / wind anemometer / for boats / ultrasound
WindyPlug LCJ Capteurs


  • Function:

    wind vane, wind anemometer

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Technology:

    ultrasound, digital

  • Mount:


  • Network:

    NMEA 2000®

  • Other characteristics:



WindyPlug, NMEA 2000 interface for LCJ Capteurs Wind Sensors, smaller, cheaper with embedded barometer.

WindyPlug is a BaroPlug with an interface to connect anu of our Ultrasonic Wind Sensors to a NMEA2000 system.
It features a MICRO C male plug to connect directly to the NMEA 2000 bus. This is a Plug and Play device : Just install the sensor or your NMEA system's backbone to read atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind angle, wind temp.

WindyPlug weights 35 gr and measures 13 cm long for less than 2 cm diameter.

The measurement is displayed a resolution of millibar or one-tenth millibar (mb).It’s also available in inches of mercury (“Hg). It measures the pressure from 850 hPa to 1150 hPa to one decimal resolution and sends the relevant pgn to the NMEA network.
You may also connect your WindyPlug with all NMEA2000 marine display equipment compatible, of new and old generation!
For one WindyPlug unit, there are two virtual WindyPlug; you simply have to select the WindyPlug from the list of the devices connected:
- WindyPlug V2 (NMEA2000 V2 previous 2014, millibar resolution, 1012 mb)
- WindyPlug V3 (NMEA2000 V3 later than 2014, one tenth millibar resolution, 1012,2 mb).

The interface connects to the end CV7, CV7-V or CV7-C standard cable.
This method simplifies the installation with a lightweight, flexible and small diameter cable in the mast.


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