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Racing sailboat propeller / 2-blade / folding
SLIPSTREAM® Austral Propeller

Seahawk Australia and Austral Propellers have joined forces to bring you the "SLIPSTREAM" range of Geared Folding Sailboat Propellers.
For racing and social yachts, streamlining and smoothness of design is of major importance. Unwanted drag under sail can result from the use of two or three bladed fixed propeller installations. Slipstream Folding Sailboat propellers achieves the best of both worlds, providing both smooth flow when sailing and efficient forward and reverse propulsion under power.

Centrifugal force provides easy synchronized opening of the propeller blades when under engine power. Alternatively, under sail, the water flow closes the blades, significantly reducing drag. The gearing avoids the vibration and operational problems commonly associated with one blade moving independently of the other.


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