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MED SEA Arimar



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Inflatable liferafts for National navigation only. They can be installed on all the following ships that fly the Italian flag:

Passenger ships not subject to the Italian legislative decree 45/2000;
Cargo Boats not subject to the SOLAS convention;
Ships qualified for fishing near the coast and for fishing in the Mediterranean sea, which are not subject to the legislative decree 541/1999;

These are the result of ARIMAR’s 20-year experience in high frequency welding processes. This kind of welding process ensures a long service life and an absolute sturdiness of the liferaft without using glues. The liferafts are available in special rigid ABS UV resistant containers (“Flat” type) or in a fibre glass cylindrical container (“Roll” type). The Med Sea has to be inspected every 2 years according to the latest regulations and are approved by RINA S.p.A with reference to “Circolare Ministeriale Serie Generale” no.78 dated 29/12/2008