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The 470 Class fulfills the Olympic double handed sailing...


Our Inshore line is designed and built for day sailors, dinghies and other small craft. This includes everything from Optimists,...


For over 25 years Aquarius Sail has been involved in the design and development of multihull sails. Today Aquarius Sail is your source for high performance sails and battens that are designed and fabricated to some...


Storm jibs must be made out of strong dacron and it recommended that the color be highly visible. The picture shows how well Storm Orange stands out in stormy conditions....

The storm trysail takes the place of the mainsail in winds over 40 knots, where reefing the main does not offer enough area reduction. Also, by using the storm trysail the mainsail is taken out of harms way so that it can be used once the storm passes. The trysail...


Storm Jib & Tri Sail
Every boat, large or small, which ventures into open water should, as part of its essential equipment, carry storm sails. The primary objective in designing a storm sail is to provide sufficient sail area to maintain handling ability without overpowering the boat in severe conditions. To withstand these conditions, the sail must be made to a high specification...


The WeBe Optimist sail is Laser cut in the new Contender 2,6 oz Polykote cloth. It features a carefully engineered...


Enjoy added power without complications....

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