Level luffing cranes

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Hyundai supplies a whole range of bulk handling system from conceptual design to start-up and commissioning,...


At Figee, we understand that speed, efficiency and reliability are paramount in cargo handling and transshipment operations. As such, our Multi Purpose Single Boom crane types have been designed to provide excellent results in hook, spreader or grab operations....

port crane / level luffing - 40T-30M

Product Name:DQ40t30m

port crane / level luffing - MQ25T-33M

Product Name:MQ25t33m


port crane / level luffing - MQ16T-33M

Product Name:MQ16t33m


port crane / level luffing - 16 TONS

Product Name:DQ16t36m煤炭带斗


port crane / level luffing - 16 TONS

Level luffing cranes
Cranes with horizontal jibs

Cranes are featuring lifting capacity up to 50t and more.
High productivity, efficiency, reliability due to the top quality of components supplied by various...

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