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A modern look. Performance you’d expect.

The Vago offers a single-line launch and retrieval system for the gennaker as well as interchangeable...

A Sailing Icon

The Sunfish is one of sailing’s best known brands. Unmatched in simplicity, its user-friendly design continues to combine performance, economy and fun....

The Omega has it all. It is the ultimate version of the Z420.

It includes the impressively light and rigid hull of the Z420 plus all the go fast goodies that make it an ultimate speed...

Collaboration with the Best The new LaserPerformance collegiate Z420 has been designed to insure the future success of collegiate sailing through the collaborative efforts of many college coaches including Adam Werblow, Zack Leonard, John Mollicone, Greg Wilkinson, Mitch Brindley, Joel Hanneman, Justin Assad, Bill Healey as well as sailing industry designers,...

The Club FJ is a tough, agile performer for beginners to elite sailors. The Club is a fantastic...


The RS Vision is the perfect all-round family sailboat: Easy handling and sparkling performance. A great trainer, cruiser and club racer for young and old.

On lochs and lakes, in harbours and estuaries, there is absolutely nothing quite like messing...

The RS Venture is a remarkably stable and dependable boat perfect as a family sailing dinghy, teaching beginners, taking children for a joyride or cruising around the coast.

The RS Ventures modern good...

Beautiful handling, exciting and adrenaline packed sailing for all
Huge racing fleets of top level competition and amazing socials
One of the most popular two person sailboats of today

One of the most successful...

Incredibly popular double hander esteemed by top sailors
Powerful and thrilling performance with manageable handlinThe most exciting two person hiker in the market with a great racing scene

The RS400 is a highly successful and incredibly popular gennaker powered double hander – delivers...

The RS800 is the ultimate high performance double trapeze skiff
Exhilarating and competitive with an awesome circuit
Exciting skiff sailing for both men and women



4.30 metres of pure enjoyment! A very stable hull whether sailing or just anchored at the beach. The cockpit is very spacious and ergonomically conceived, it's seating along the inside edge of the boat runs all the way to the stern, an ample water tight bow peak locker, in line with C.N.A. philosophy, a higher boom, efficient and versatile sail plan thanks to the full batten...

A particularly technical boat with a glorious sailing class behind it which is presently detracting more and more sailing crews to this recent class of sailboat . Light weight,...


L'EQUIPE, the leading sports daily, and Marc LAURENT, French national sailing coach, came up with the best possible answer to the FFVoile Federation's needs with a dinghy that brings together all the qualities required for young helmsmen in the 77 to 110-pound bracket, whether twin-sailing or as main oarsman.

Marc LAURENT, 470 world champion in 1975 and selected for the Montreal Olympic...


Technical data:
Overall Length 5.55...

Zzap is a double-handed skiff with gennaker conceived by International Optimist coach, David Harte, to provide fast, fun racing for lighter youths of post Optimist age. Nautivela enthusiastically got the...

Nautivela-Jet is a modern Twin trapeze Asymmetric spinnaker dinghy with retractable bowsprit. Constructed using 'E' and 'S'glass, cross linked PVC foam, carbon, isophtalic...


The Ovington Albacores are built under liscence issued by the RYA and the National Albacore Association - and are supplied into the UK and Canada. The Albacore is an ideal first boat for those who are just...


TRES - New generation
The Topaz TRES offers sailors of all abilities the excitement of the new generation racing designs at unbeatable value for money. The TRES utilises a second mast position to provide the perfect rig balance for two handed sailing. This is a unique feature of the Topaz Sailing System. Slot in the aluminium deck beam, tapered single spreader mast, add the trapeze and powerful...

FANTASTIC. The Magno provides a very good answer to the quest for an all-round family boat with club racing. It also offers value for money"

"Magno is proving its...

The Vibe offers a great introduction to performance sailing. It is designed as a hiking performance double hander but can also be sailed with the addition of a single trapeze. The Mylar mainsail area can be reduced by up to 20% using the innovative zip...

The Topaz XENON is a hiking boat which offers exhilarating performance, bags of fun...


Nautica 450 is a fast and safe dinghy developed to deliver easy handling. Uncomplicated rigging, spacious cockpit, wide and stable hull...


The Melges X Boat® makes learning to sail fun, easy and addictive. There is nothing quite like the thrill of that first regatta success. For youth sailors, it is a competitive and rewarding experience...


The RS Vision – Best selling boat in its sector over recent years.
Forgiving handling with exciting performance
Light, durable and...

Beautiful handling, exciting and adrenaline packed sailing for all
Huge racing fleets of top level competition and amazing socials
One of the most popular two person sailboats of today


The absolute winner in championship level racing, in hundreds of sailing clubs and in the hands of both men and women....

The ultimate high performance double trapeze skiff
Exhilarating and competitive with an awesome circuit

Extreme sailing – remarkable...


Designed in 1966 by Rod Macalpine-Downie and Dick Gibbs, the Buccaneer 18 incorporates classic elements that have made this racing dinghy a consistent performer for more than 35 years. With its performance hull design, the Buccaneer easily gets up onto an exhilarating plane in 8-10 knots of breeze. An integrated spinnaker launch tube, roller furling jib, and...

-Self bailing, ergo dynamic cockpit
-Kick up rudder and centerboard for easy beaching
-An extremely stable hull that allows for a greater range of crew weight
-Flared sides provide a comfortable hiking edge
-One Design specifications ensure that every boat is the same
-A planing hull that you’ll never...


2 World Championship and 3 National Champoinships 1st place titles.
Designed by Jack Holt in 1956, the Enterprise has become one of the largest classes in the world and certainly a very popular racing class in the UK. It is a strict One Design, suited to crew of all sizes and ages and ideal for both training or racing. The Enterprise...


The Code 40 is crafted in Canada and is used by sail training groups from coast to coast. Featuring highest quality hand laid-up...


The SKUD18 is the result of collaboration between Access Sailing's Chris Mitchell and B&B Technology and Innovation - Julian Bethwaite and Martin Billoch.

By combining Mitchell's unique understanding and ideology of sailing for people with disabilities with 20 years of Bethwaite's high performance...


How to choose this product


A double-handed sailing dinghy is a small, sporty centerboard racing craft large enough for two crew. It carries at least a mainsail and jib, and sometimes a spinnaker.


These leisure craft are designed for inshore fun, training and racing. They are equally suitable for sailing clubs and schools, water-sports rental businesses and individual owners.


Such sailboats are built for high performance at planing speeds. Hulls are usually of composites, often polyester laminates. High-tech versions may use carbon sandwich materials. They generally have trapezes for hiking out, providing better stability and stiffer sailing characteristics. Certain models fly a symmetrical spinnaker with a pole or an asymmetrical one with a fixed or retractable jib boom.

How to choose

Choice will depend on class, ease of use and performance characteristics. Those intending to participate in organized races should consult local clubs to see which classes are most popular in the area. Ease of transport and rigging vary with boat type, some having removable masts. The lightest, highest performance models are not necessarily suitable for every sailor, depending on experience and personal preference.

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