double-handed sailing dinghy / regatta / single-trapeze / 505



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    5.05 m (16'06")


The 505 is a double handed dinghy raced worldwide, that incorporates a high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze. The boat has become very refined over the years and is unique in that it has outstanding performance in all conditions.

The class rules are one design, with the emphasis on controlling aspects that most directly affect boat speed. The sail plan and hull shape are tightly controlled, while the rigging layout, spars and foils are open. This allows the boat to be set up in many ways to suit different sailors. Most boats currently have adjustable shrouds, forestay and mast ram which allows rig tension, rake and mast being to be changed whilst racing.

The ideal sailing weight varies with the prevailing local conditions, with most successful racers being between 140 - 180kg.