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marine DGPS - JLR-7700MK II

Necessary navigational information can...

marine DGPS - DRS 500 / IMS 500

KONGSBERG DRS 500 - DGPS / DGNSS reference station
Typical placement for DGPS / DGNSS reference and monitoring stations

The KONGSBERG DRS 500 is a complete DGPS / DGNSS reference station built into a 19-inch rack module for easy installation...

marine DGPS - GPS-90MK II

Differential GPS/Track Plotter with Full Keypad Entry - At An Entry-Level Price

The GPS-90MKII has the most wanted features like built-in differential beacon receiver, graphic navigation pages,...

marine DGPS - JLR-7500 / 7800


The new JLR-7500/JLR-7800 (D)GPS navigator will locate your position accurately and gives you a wide range...

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